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Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu

With all the various sub-genre of eroge that floats around the univese I find it sad there’s very few horror eroge and most of them are in VN format. Although VN can convey the feeling of fear but it’s no different than reading The Shining. What I want from horror genre is the suspense and thrill of being chased by something that probably only comes from your worst non-eucledian nightmare. Just add with a little spice with eroness and it will… look like some kind of interactive Hollywood slasher movies.

Even the cover looks like your typical B-class horror. Yes, he has a gatling gun for penis.

That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled upon this old game. It gets everything you expect from horror eroge: a bizzare creature that can unleash varieties of fetishtic H-scenes, ‘forced sex’, amusing gameplay, constant suspense and boner, and of course non-sensical storyline.

WARNING! Offensive content inside!

Let’s start with the basic stuffs. ‘Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu’ (Outrageous! Fear the Drill Man), or Drill Otoko for short, is an old game from Tetra Tech and was released in 1999. So if you can see the pixel so clearly using your 21st century eyes then just bear with it. Drill Otoko has gameplay similar to the Clock Tower or Silent Hill Shattered Memories that means it’s a pure horror story where you are nearly hopeless against every threats you see so if you want to blow up zombie heads then this game is not for you. In my opinion this kind of gameplay is best suited for what you expect from horror eroge. BUT Demonophobia is also that kind of game with the same gameplay! Yes of course, but we all know how Demonophobia can be quite… over-the-top.

Left to right: Hazuki, Fuyukino, Ayaka

Drill Otoko tells the story three sisters: Ayaka, Hazuki, and Fuyukino during their hike at the mountain to spend their vacation in a villa. Suddenly they get lost in a forest just like every good horror protagonists should do and stumbled upon a stange mansion. Every sane people with common sense should know that a mansion in the middle of a forest is a bigger trap compared to Kinoshita Hideyoshi but hey this is horror. All end up not quite well (duh!) because our beautiful heroines meet up with… DRILL MAN! Unlike his name, Drill Man is not someone you expect to hang out with Megaman. His buddy is Freddy and he taught Jason how to hit on the girls. And just like a poster in HF said, this should end up like Scooby-Doo or Scream at the worst but since it was made in glorious empire of Nippon, our heroines will suffer humiliating defeat if they get caught by the drill man or the shady denizens of the mansion. Can our heroines survive a night in this mansion? Can they unravel the mystery behind the deadly yet pervert Drill Man? And can people in horror stories stop being stupid for once and gang up on the monster?


Just like what I said earlier, the gameplay resembles Clock Tower that means you will face several puzzles and force you to explore the mansion while running away from Drill Man to seek for clues. The interface is pretty much point and click. You can use your surroundings to hide such as under the bed, behind the curtain, or in a crate and you can also use various objects to thwart off the Drill Man like candle stand, vase, or a sculpture of middle finger (just play and see). The Drill Man and many strange creatures from the mansion can attack you suddenly. When this happens you will enter Panic Mode. During Panic Mode you must move your mouse as fast as possible to avoid the attacks directed at you. Afterwards you will enter the chase mode in which you must run in seek for hiding spot or stuffs you can use as weapon. The character you choose determines the difficulty level of your game. Ayaka, the loli, is the easy modo since she can hide in places where her sisters can’t hide in such as under the bed or table. But she’s so weak that she can’t throw objects for self-defense. Drill Man is also not quite a lolicon since he gives up quite easy in her story. Hazuki, the tsundere tomboy, is taller than Ayaka that means she can’t hide in some places but she’s also stronger that means she can throw stuffs and more easily thwart off the Drill Man during panic mode. Fuyukino, the klutzy onee-san, provides hard mode since she’s forgetful that means the mansion layout won’t be recorded in your minimap.

Investigation mode

Clothes act as your health bar since for some unknown reason the monsters always aim at your clothes. You have three tries before you end up completely naked and if you mess up once again… well THAT happens. But clothes not only act as health bar alone, there are several places that can only be accessed and H-scenes to be triggered if you’re wearing the right costume.

Costume change

Graphic-wise this game is quite good for an old game. The chara design can be quite off sometimes and the coloring just feels too bright for this kind of game but it’s not something that can disturb your enjoyment of his game. What CAN disturb you however is the H-scenes. No, just because Drill Man looks like walking meat shredder doesn’t mean he’s into guro. However some H-scenes are so stupid you end up rolling your eyes so you can see your brain. All I can say in this game you can be raped by water, cards, and… vegetables. Yes, I wish I was joking.

Encountering THE MAN!

The music is quite nice although not truly ground-breaking but at least manage to deliver the atmosphere very well. Some piece are quite epic though. Sound effects are quite vita in this game since it can tell you whether or not the Drill Man is near or not. The voice acting although quite good for an old game is suffering from ‘only females have voice’ syndrome that frequents eroge. Somehow I feel this game will be much more epic if we can hear the voice of some male characters especially the Drill Man (well ominous grunts can be considered as voice acting worthy).

Overall this game is quite good for an old game and amusing too thanks to the presence of gameplay. But this game can be unfinishable if you have no knowledge of Japanese since it’s quite puzzle heavy. But thanks Haruhi a certain good HF user has translated this game although his translation is based on Google Translate (so expect a lot of ‘cowabunga’ and unintentional lols). But he’s a generous guy and puts a sign whether a line is still Googlenglish or has properly translated. This game is quite safe for you ero fans out there since it contains no guro. But if you don’t like rape, gangbang, tentacles, or vegetable sex then you should bear with it.

Just a word of warning, after playing this game you just can’t hear the sound of drill ever the same again. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Official Site

HF translation thread



  1. An eroge in 800×600? In 1999? You’ve got to be shitting me.

  2. Amazing isn’t it.

    But what makes me quite sad is how the company hasn’t produced anything since 2006.

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