Posted by: opphiucus | August 18, 2010

Kubo Tite Tweets You Should Make Your Own Manga If You Think You Can Do It Better

Apparently everybody’s favorite mangaka-troll-fashion designer hybrid either has had enough of the unfair criticism or maybe he just wants to inspire we all to create a masterpiece. On August 16, he made this tweet that quickly spread through the interweb.

If you have the talent to draw something more interesting than BLEACH, then you should become a mangaka immediately. If it’s interesting, it could be more successful than BLEACH. If you’re going to say you can’t draw, then work hard and become an editor and give advice to mangaka. If you’ve really got talent, you’ll be welcome anywhere.

And this is his next tweet.

Those without talent and who don’t work hard but complain that it (what they have) is unfair despite that, can do nothing but pose hindrances to those who are working hard. They shut their eyes and close themselves in a crevice and just get by living with their mouths open eating nothing but rain and dust.

Actually the second tweet sound like something I would expect if I were reading Bleach (been dropping this manga since the beginning of HM arc with no intention of picking it up again. Though I still follow the chapter development in various message boards just for the lulz).

And this is one of the responds he received.

Is it becoming a trend for creators who use twitter to make such improper comments?

And lastly this is his last response regarding the topic (although it has gone places by now).

That’s all. I’ll be getting back to my manuscripts now!

Now… <insert ‘what makes you think’ joke here>. It seems there are people who end up agree with him and of course many think that’s just his pathetic excuse for the criticism he received. I personally think Kubo is a pretty cool guy, eh challenge you to surpass Bleach and is not afraid of anything. But the moral of this story is once again an old case of internet is serious business so watch what you say especially if you’re a famous person. But if his message is meant to encourage us all (since I don’t smell ire from the way he worded it) then maybe it’s just his daily routine of being awesome.

Then again I doubt Kubo will lose popularity after this case. After all he’s friggin Kubo Tite.

Source: Spotlight News

Translation by aramatheydidnt.



  1. Yes, well if you don’t like Bleach, no one is forcing you to read/ watch it.

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  3. I could probably cook a side dish out of the overflowing bitterness of this article.

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