Posted by: opphiucus | May 13, 2010

2ch Otaku Rage over Nene’s Portrayal in Loveplus Manga

Another pathetic ruckus caused by 2ch otaku. This time they rage over how Nene is portrayed in Loveplus official manga. According to Getnews, what Nene said made her looked like a little slutty and 2ch gets RAGE in realization that the poor mangaka can’t get the proper ideal portrayal of their goddess. This is a big lesson for every mangaka out there who are commissioned to make manga adaptation of games like Loveplus. This is a very sensitive case way more sensitive than racism so make sure you think before you draw. Or be prepared to be put under 2ch curse of making people sick through the internet.

Nene: "I really can't use an umbrella... Please teach me... Hehehe, got myself a litle wet..."



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