Posted by: opphiucus | February 9, 2008

Utawarerumono Translation Patch is Released

Mirror Moon has finally released the translation patch for Leaf’ strategy + H-game hybrid, Utawarerumono. Hurray for them! Although I’ve finished playing the game ages ago, I’m intrigued to replay it in English. But that means I have to dig my massive pile of DVDs to find my old copy since I’ve uninstalled the game from my PC. If you’ve already watched the anime, the game is still very recommended since the anime skipped lots of scenes that portray the amusing daily life (and of course the H-scenes themselves). As a strategy game, Utawarerumono is also a nice and solid game and the hard mode is enough for me to make me want to bang my head to the wall. If you haven’t watched the anime, then stop reading this article and just play the game already!

You can find a copy of Utaware here and here.

You can find the translation patch on Mirror Moon official site.


  1. Yay!!!

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