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Long Break

Long time no update and it will take longer time for the next update. Why? Because I’m planning to take a break from blogging for uncertain amount of time. Lately I find myself very busy from working on thesis project, job hunting, and other stuffs. So I’ve decided to focus more on other stuffs since blogging is not my top priority as of now. By the time I have done with all the necessities, I will return with the blogging business or maybe re-design the whole blog or just make a new blog. But one thing for certain is that I have to stop for now.

However I’m not quitting the whole otaku stuffs yet. I have to admit that I have less and less time wandering around the net looking for stuffs but I will try my best to keep being updated. So without further ado I have to say ‘see you next time’. Au revoir! Auf wiedersehen! Sayonara!

Posted by: opphiucus | September 14, 2010

Alchemist: We Troll You lol

Alchemist has mastered the troll-fu from Witch of Miracle. The three painting artworks that would be guessed by normal otaku as related to the upcoming Umineko port turns out to be… this game.

It’s Alchemist’s upcoming game titled Gal Gun. Yes, gentlemen. We finally have the moe version of Time Crisis.

And here I thought they would be some extra scenario for the upcoming Umineko PS3 port.

Wait! Did I just mention about Umineko PS3 port?

Nope, I’m sure I didn’t.


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Mr. Popo is Now Blue

4Kids: We are very well aware that Mr. Popo is such an offense and can threaten the innocence of our children. Therefore we’ve decided to pull out the greatest move out of the history of ‘stupid decision in western anime indutry’ and save the mind of our children from such menacing terror.

From DBZ Kai.

Mr. Popo: Screw the (Dragon) Balls! My skin is blue!

Posted by: opphiucus | September 11, 2010

Recettear English Version is Out!

Yep, it’s finally out today. It’s a doujin game developed by EasyGameStation (the same developer as Chante Elise) and I know very well this doujin circle has a very great lineup so I can assure you that Recettear is one helluva of high quality game (probably on the same level as professional product). The game is translated by an indie group, Carpe Fulgur, and is available on Steam. I hope we will be seeing more translated doujin games after the release of Recettear.

Taken from Steam:

Recettear is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into her house, in order to pay back a loan her father took and then skipped out on – and Tear, her newfound fairy “companion”, won’t take no for an answer! As Recette, you have to decide how you’ll get your stock – either through playing the markets in town or going out into the wild with an adventuring friend and thrashing beasts until they give up the goodies – how much to sell things for, what the shop should look like, and how to best go about getting the money Tear needs to pay off the loan. If you can’t come up with the money… well, hope you like living in a cardboard box.

Key features:

  • Manage all aspects of an item shop – from stock to interior design!
  • Explore randomized dungeons – never quite the same twice!
  • Multiple adventurers to choose from when dungeon-diving – no two play the same!
  • Plenty to do after beating the game – challenge yourself with Survival Mode or play to your heart’s delight in Endless Mode!
  • Engaging story, localized by Carpe Fulgur – get to know the people of Pensee!

I have played Recettear myself when it was first released and I can say I love it although I’m pretty much suck in it. Guess, trading is just not my forte. Anyway, Duo Princess and Chante Elise are also the ESG’s games I’ve played and of course they’re also amazing.

PS: please don’t pirate the English version of Recettear to support this budding industry.

Posted by: opphiucus | September 9, 2010

Flash Game: Sweet Drop Cascade

It’s basically an ecchi version of Geschenkt.

WARNING! Contains NSFW material!

Read More…

Posted by: opphiucus | September 8, 2010

Marimite LA Movie Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Maria-sama ga Miteru upcoming live action movie. Also perpetually surprised Yumi is perpetually surprised.

I have to pity Holy Mary if she has to watch over this abomination.

Posted by: opphiucus | September 7, 2010

The Real Sumo Fighting

Yes, it’s old. I just watched the original vid after re-watching NicoNico Douga Monogatari. For those who haven’t seen it, basically sumo fighters have ascended to the level of world-destroyer beings.

Posted by: opphiucus | September 7, 2010

FM100 Hue Test

An online test to determine your color accuracy.

Check it out here.

My result,

Posted by: opphiucus | August 25, 2010

Satoshi Kon Passes Away


Truly sad news for anime community. One of the greatest anime directors (if not the ONLY greatest) in the world, Satoshi Kon, has passed away on August 24th due to pancreatic cancer. He’s probably one of the few figures in anime industry who I truly respect. Granted up until now I’ve only watched Paranoia Agent and Tokyo Godfathers but those two titles are truly splendid, something that truly surpasses your expectation in anime.

What makes his death much sadder is the fact that his currently working on his latest title, Yume Miru Kikai, which is scheduled to be released in 2011.

Satoshi Kon, you will be missed.

ANN article

Otakon staffs

UK anime

And to remember his worldwide masterpiece (I’ve got to watch this movie sooner or later)

Posted by: opphiucus | August 18, 2010

Alchemist’s New Umineko Project

Alchemist, the company behind the port for many VNs to various consoles and handhelds that also ported Higurashi to PS2 and DS has put up a new page that reveals their newest project. But every seacats fans out there will instantly realize that it has something to do with Ryukishi07’s latest masterpiece. No details are given yet but for some reason the painting they release for this Umineko project seems to be… comical.

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