Posted by: opphiucus | October 24, 2010

Long Break

Long time no update and it will take longer time for the next update. Why? Because I’m planning to take a break from blogging for uncertain amount of time. Lately I find myself very busy from working on thesis project, job hunting, and other stuffs. So I’ve decided to focus more on other stuffs since blogging is not my top priority as of now. By the time I have done with all the necessities, I will return with the blogging business or maybe re-design the whole blog or just make a new blog. But one thing for certain is that I have to stop for now.

However I’m not quitting the whole otaku stuffs yet. I have to admit that I have less and less time wandering around the net looking for stuffs but I will try my best to keep being updated. So without further ado I have to say ‘see you next time’. Au revoir! Auf wiedersehen! Sayonara!


  1. So long! Good bye! Kiss my ass! A quarter to two! All hail Lord Shoji Kawamori! Long live Macross! Death to Harmony Gold! Robotech fans should kill themselves for the love of lord Shoji Kawamori!

  2. Oi

  3. You know me. If you don’t, you will know me soon. Just drop by to promote my finally-made-I-know-it’s-too-late new blog:
    Still need some time to fill it with more posts, but anyway, the blog is about movie reviews. Yes, I guess you finally know who I am.

  4. tskler cok guzel bır sıte basarılar

  5. Too bad 😦

    I hope you’re good and safe after all this period ;(

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