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I made this simple blog so I can tell my buddies (and the world) stuffs I just got and some other news I just received. It’s mainly about anime, manga, visual novels, doujin games, novels, strange articles, funny sites, etc etc or in a nutshell things that interest me.

About Me

I’m just a simple college student in a Faculty of Biotechnology in Indonesia. When my mind is not occupied by research projects or laboratory reports, I often dedicate myself to my hobby that is otaku-ism. My main interests are doujin games, eroge, visual novels, and seinen animu and mango. My other hobbies are reading novels, watching movies, and writing. It’s my lifelong dream to create a good visual novel that people can enjoy.

Why Bernkastel?

Well, because she is my favorite character from Umineko. Yeah, I’ve read episode 4 and I think what happened there only made her much more awesome. I have no regrets, this is the only path.


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