Apparently everybody’s favorite mangaka-troll-fashion designer hybrid either has had enough of the unfair criticism or maybe he just wants to inspire we all to create a masterpiece. On August 16, he made this tweet that quickly spread through the interweb.

If you have the talent to draw something more interesting than BLEACH, then you should become a mangaka immediately. If it’s interesting, it could be more successful than BLEACH. If you’re going to say you can’t draw, then work hard and become an editor and give advice to mangaka. If you’ve really got talent, you’ll be welcome anywhere.

And this is his next tweet.

Those without talent and who don’t work hard but complain that it (what they have) is unfair despite that, can do nothing but pose hindrances to those who are working hard. They shut their eyes and close themselves in a crevice and just get by living with their mouths open eating nothing but rain and dust.

Actually the second tweet sound like something I would expect if I were reading Bleach (been dropping this manga since the beginning of HM arc with no intention of picking it up again. Though I still follow the chapter development in various message boards just for the lulz).

And this is one of the responds he received.

Is it becoming a trend for creators who use twitter to make such improper comments?

And lastly this is his last response regarding the topic (although it has gone places by now).

That’s all. I’ll be getting back to my manuscripts now!

Now… <insert ‘what makes you think’ joke here>. It seems there are people who end up agree with him and of course many think that’s just his pathetic excuse for the criticism he received. I personally think Kubo is a pretty cool guy, eh challenge you to surpass Bleach and is not afraid of anything. But the moral of this story is once again an old case of internet is serious business so watch what you say especially if you’re a famous person. But if his message is meant to encourage us all (since I don’t smell ire from the way he worded it) then maybe it’s just his daily routine of being awesome.

Then again I doubt Kubo will lose popularity after this case. After all he’s friggin Kubo Tite.

Source: Spotlight News

Translation by aramatheydidnt.

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Baka Test’s Kinoshita Hideyoshi Mouse Pad

I know there are people out there who will go frantic over this.

You can find it on amiami. And with 4,148 yen you can also get Hideyoshi telephone card that you can use for… telephoning! Also an oppai mouse pad without the oppai, doesn’t that actually kill the whole pupose of oppai mouse pad? Unless you want to call it pettan(oto)ko mouse pad. I think this is a wasted opportunity since they can make the mouse pad longer and provide a the first resting pillow for elbow.

Posted by: opphiucus | August 15, 2010

Flash Game: Cruel Angel’s Thesis~ Watapon’s Close Call

Play the game here.

Another fun yet frustrating Japanese flash game I found. It also has ecchi contents you can unlock but don’t ask me how since I’m suck in this game. My best score is 934. Your goal is to deliver an apple to your witch before the time runs out while avoiding barrage of celestial attacks.

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Touhou Meikai Kenshi Yoyomu 4

Something soft... in the neighborhood.

The parody of OP for Makai Tenshi Jibril 4. Warning! The video contains HNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG inducing material. Make sure to consult with your nutbladder consultant before viewing this video.

I’m not a big fan of Makai Tenshi Jibril myself. Too much NTR and old man sex for a cute hentai.

Posted by: opphiucus | August 14, 2010

Touhou 12.8: Great Fairy Wars~ Eastern Three Fairies

Just “acquired” it and finished it in Normal mode B-1 route. Maybe it’s because I’m a secondary (best achievement is Hard Mode 1cc in IN) or I haven’t grasped the control because I find it just frustrating. Although I expect it will become more bearable after two or three another play-throughs.

The control is a little different from your dad’s Touhou. Shift is still your old friendly focus mode, Z is now the button to freeze bullets, X returns in its role as da bomb, while mankind’s best friend AKA the shoot button is moved to C. I find many new players thinking that you need to tap button in order to fire normal bullets due to the change of shoot buttons. It’s a good thing I did a little exploring through message boards before playing the game.

In this battle, aside from shooting down enemies you can also freeze bullets. If you push Z button, Cirno will shoot normal bullets for a short time before went into semi-focus mode. If you release the button, Cirno will unleash an ice shield that freeze every bullets it touches. If the bullet you freeze is near another bullet, it will also freeze the other bullet thus creating a chain reaction. If your chain is strongest enough, you can freeze the enemy dealing massive damage. Keep in mind there are several fireball bullets that can’t be frozen unless you use a bomb. Of course, just as ZUN said, an idiot can also get tired. Therefore you need to charge Cirno’s power before once again unleashing another epic freeze. You charge up by either shooting enemies, graze bullets, or just let the gauge recharge itself slooooowly. By freezing more enemies and bullets, you can gain “experience points” that acts as power up in this game. Also by freezing every bullets and enemies in the screen will earn you ‘perfect freeze’ which I still don’t understand what it does.

Capturing a spell card now earns you medal. If you capture a spell card without bomb, death, and freeze then a gold medal receiver is you! Freezing bullets but no bombs and deaths earn you silver medal and using bombs and deaths will earn you red medal. The continue system returns to the old games where by continuing you will resume your game and don’t restart the stage. Although I still don’t understand how to count the remaining life and credit you have but I think it has something to do with the percent number on top right of the screen. The story is divided into 3 routes and each route is divided into two sub-routes. Finishing all routes without continue will unlock Extra route where you can fight somebody you know very well.

Fairy Wars is truly quite an oddball just like the protagonist herself. At one point it’s quite different from the Touhou we all know and love but at another point it offers a new fun that is long forgotten. I can’t really recommend it to new STG players although I think STG veterans will probably either find this game new and fun. Of course every Touhou fans must at least play this game once.

PS: Cirno’s eyebrows are the strongest!

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Flash Game: Splatter Faith

Play Splatter Faith here.

It’s an old Touhou fanmade flash game I stumbled on once again. Since I’m sure some people haven’t seen this so I’ve decided to make a post about it. From what I know it’s quite popular.

The storyline is simple, Kanako has been kidnapped by aliens. Are you bad enough shrine maiden to rescue the old hag god? It even has an EX mode for extra challenge.

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Erogame: Rag-shoot

It’s an eroge (complete with gameplay) based on Ragnarok Online.


Read More…

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Masashi Tashiro Returns in Touhou Doujin Music Video

After vanishing into obscurity for nearly ten years, Masashi Tashiro finally returns to the surface of entertainment world in the form none other than doujin music video for Touhou. Masashi Tashiro is a popoular comedian in Japan during the 80s to the 90s. However one chain of scandal followed with another killed his career forever. Now, in the West if we say ‘killed’ his career, it probably only means that the artist either spends some time in jail, being retired, or probably got turned into some embarrassing strange meme among internet community. But we’re talking about The Great Nippon where scandals mean no more television for YOU! Yes, the higher-ups of Japanese entertainment industries literally KILLED Tashiro’s career by banning him from various forms of entertainment. Even if he needs to appear on television and even in the form of old recordings and clips, his face needs to be blurred and his name to be bleeped. Basically Masashi Tashiro’s existence is completely wiped out in every forms and shapes.

But after years only gathering occult popularity in the final frontier of mankind AKA internet, Tashiro finally resurfaced in the form of… this.

The content of the video is basically Tashiro playing Aya where various characters are asking our ‘Aya’ several questions regarding her(?) past scandals involving taking picture of people bathing and other stuffs done by our comedian-reporter-peep-tengu hybrid. The video proves how Tashiro still has his comedian mojo at least compared to the bland and plastic-looking female singers around him.

Anyway, if you’re wondering why a Japanese pervert comedian can get associated with a certain one-winged angel is because of this very old video.

In 2001, Japan’s notorious BBS, 2ch, voted Tashiro as TIME’s person of the year in the same fashion as how moot of 4chan became TIME’s person of the year in 2009 thus once again proving the superiority of Toshiaki compared to their western sub-species (and don’t forget they nearly master the art of killing people over the internet). To celebrate the victory (at least before TIME realized something was terribly wrong) they created the video to honor Tashiro. Also if you do a mondegreen of One-Winged Angel, you can hear Sephiroth as Tashiro (can’t unhear, shit bricks, etc).

Source: Kotaku

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Touhou 12.8: The Great Fairy Wars~ Touhou Three Fairies

Apparently ZUN is not planning Touhou 13 (which should be called Touhou Forever at this rate) this Summer Comiket and instead is going to release a StB-like game featuring the strongest character ever. A game with the strongest fairy as the main character will make Touhou 12.8 the strongest game EVER!

Entry from ZUN’s blog (translated by Solarmarle)

It’s hot.

I made a perfect game for a hot summer like this!
Here’s what I’ll be putting out at the next Comiket.

Touhou Project #12.8 (how far are we going to go with this?)
“The Great Fairy Wars ~ Touhou Three Fairies”

That’s it.
Cirno declares war on the Three Fairies, oh no. It’s a continuation of a certain famous sketch.

Actually, I’d been planning on putting out a game ahead of the second volume of “Touhou Sangetsuyou ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity” (the second volume’s sketch “Greaty Fairy Wars” is its opening story), but due to the schedule and certain other things it didn’t happen, but it’s finally finished!
(That’s a lie, I’m working hard on it right now)
I got Hirasawa Makoto-san to do some drawings for me, so it really has the laaaaazy feel of the three fairies comic (oh, and of course we have permission from Kadokawa).

But, the actual game itself is:
“A refreshing game where Cirno freezes the bullets she’s supposed to dodge”
It’s the kind of game you can play mindlessly for a short time whenever you want, with a difficulty level you can chew on as you play it over and over, and bold, yet subtle patterns.

{gameplay images}

( * Warning, the game is still in development, so things might change)
It’s a simple yet bold game you can play without really knowing about the story or characters, and it’s got a pretty natural-feeling system, so it’s the kind of game that’s worth playing, so if you’re interested in the games, definitely give it a try.
Of course, the version released at Comiket will be the final version!
Oh, my Comiket booth will be second day, East hall A-28a.

Oh, and it’s not done yet, but.

So, apparently this game will have:

  • Cirno as main character
  • The first game appearance of the trio fairies and also the first look of their danmaku capabilities
  • You freeze bullets instead of (completely) dodging them (or taking pics of them)
  • Artwork not done by ZUN (gasp)
  • Idiots, idiots everywhere

I can’t wait to play this game since ZUN promised us that this game will be more laid-back compared to others. Although I don’t know what does ZUN’s standard of laid-back actually look like.

ZUN’s blog

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OneManga Is Closing Down

Various degrees of values is lost.

As announced by Zabi, the notorious website for reading manga online is closing down. Although I rarely use One Manga, it’s considered one of most important websites in the history of (illegal) manga fandom on the internet. And this is the only website where I can have my weekly dose of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Well, there are still other online manga sites out there but we all know that they’re just waiting for their requiem.

Yuuko-san ;_;

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