Posted by: opphiucus | August 10, 2010

Masashi Tashiro Returns in Touhou Doujin Music Video

After vanishing into obscurity for nearly ten years, Masashi Tashiro finally returns to the surface of entertainment world in the form none other than doujin music video for Touhou. Masashi Tashiro is a popoular comedian in Japan during the 80s to the 90s. However one chain of scandal followed with another killed his career forever. Now, in the West if we say ‘killed’ his career, it probably only means that the artist either spends some time in jail, being retired, or probably got turned into some embarrassing strange meme among internet community. But we’re talking about The Great Nippon where scandals mean no more television for YOU! Yes, the higher-ups of Japanese entertainment industries literally KILLED Tashiro’s career by banning him from various forms of entertainment. Even if he needs to appear on television and even in the form of old recordings and clips, his face needs to be blurred and his name to be bleeped. Basically Masashi Tashiro’s existence is completely wiped out in every forms and shapes.

But after years only gathering occult popularity in the final frontier of mankind AKA internet, Tashiro finally resurfaced in the form of… this.

The content of the video is basically Tashiro playing Aya where various characters are asking our ‘Aya’ several questions regarding her(?) past scandals involving taking picture of people bathing and other stuffs done by our comedian-reporter-peep-tengu hybrid. The video proves how Tashiro still has his comedian mojo at least compared to the bland and plastic-looking female singers around him.

Anyway, if you’re wondering why a Japanese pervert comedian can get associated with a certain one-winged angel is because of this very old video.

In 2001, Japan’s notorious BBS, 2ch, voted Tashiro as TIME’s person of the year in the same fashion as how moot of 4chan became TIME’s person of the year in 2009 thus once again proving the superiority of Toshiaki compared to their western sub-species (and don’t forget they nearly master the art of killing people over the internet). To celebrate the victory (at least before TIME realized something was terribly wrong) they created the video to honor Tashiro. Also if you do a mondegreen of One-Winged Angel, you can hear Sephiroth as Tashiro (can’t unhear, shit bricks, etc).

Source: Kotaku


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