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Touhou 12.8: The Great Fairy Wars~ Touhou Three Fairies

Apparently ZUN is not planning Touhou 13 (which should be called Touhou Forever at this rate) this Summer Comiket and instead is going to release a StB-like game featuring the strongest character ever. A game with the strongest fairy as the main character will make Touhou 12.8 the strongest game EVER!

Entry from ZUN’s blog (translated by Solarmarle)

It’s hot.

I made a perfect game for a hot summer like this!
Here’s what I’ll be putting out at the next Comiket.

Touhou Project #12.8 (how far are we going to go with this?)
“The Great Fairy Wars ~ Touhou Three Fairies”

That’s it.
Cirno declares war on the Three Fairies, oh no. It’s a continuation of a certain famous sketch.

Actually, I’d been planning on putting out a game ahead of the second volume of “Touhou Sangetsuyou ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity” (the second volume’s sketch “Greaty Fairy Wars” is its opening story), but due to the schedule and certain other things it didn’t happen, but it’s finally finished!
(That’s a lie, I’m working hard on it right now)
I got Hirasawa Makoto-san to do some drawings for me, so it really has the laaaaazy feel of the three fairies comic (oh, and of course we have permission from Kadokawa).

But, the actual game itself is:
“A refreshing game where Cirno freezes the bullets she’s supposed to dodge”
It’s the kind of game you can play mindlessly for a short time whenever you want, with a difficulty level you can chew on as you play it over and over, and bold, yet subtle patterns.

{gameplay images}

( * Warning, the game is still in development, so things might change)
It’s a simple yet bold game you can play without really knowing about the story or characters, and it’s got a pretty natural-feeling system, so it’s the kind of game that’s worth playing, so if you’re interested in the games, definitely give it a try.
Of course, the version released at Comiket will be the final version!
Oh, my Comiket booth will be second day, East hall A-28a.

Oh, and it’s not done yet, but.

So, apparently this game will have:

  • Cirno as main character
  • The first game appearance of the trio fairies and also the first look of their danmaku capabilities
  • You freeze bullets instead of (completely) dodging them (or taking pics of them)
  • Artwork not done by ZUN (gasp)
  • Idiots, idiots everywhere

I can’t wait to play this game since ZUN promised us that this game will be more laid-back compared to others. Although I don’t know what does ZUN’s standard of laid-back actually look like.

ZUN’s blog

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