Posted by: opphiucus | June 29, 2010

Rating My Otaku Level

Just found this article on Sankaku (inb4lolSankaku). So I’ve decided to do a little self-contemplation.

1. They are using otaku slang, net jargon or 2ch cant

Not really. I guess the better equivalent would be internet or 4chan meme but the only internet-related phrase that often come out of my mouth is ‘lol’. 2ch jargons and slangs are just too foreign even for me and besides here in Indonesia we have our own internet slangs (imba, gan, etc) and since I rarely hang out in Indonesian BBS or message boards, I don’t make a habit of using my own country’s internet slang.
2. They just happen to have anime/manga/game goods about them

Nope. Never go out with anime stuffs. I guess I’m quite good with hiding my power levels especially after I entered university. If this question was asked to me 6 years ago then I would shamefully say yes. The only otaku-related goods I have now in my room are only translated manga¬† that I actually *gasp* bought.
3. They respond to otaku type keywords and issues

Sadly yes. This is one of the reasons I created this blog.
4. They become very intense when the conversation turns to anime/manga/games, and only then

If only the first part then ‘yes’ but if we add the second part then ‘no’. I can get pretty intense with plenty of topics. Novels, science, movies, stupid trivia, music, politics, you name it. I guess to some extent I’m just a ‘normal’ nerd.
5. The tunes they hum are all anime related

Not really but I have to say yes since I often hum Touhou music. Then again everybody will automatically hum Touhou tunes once they spend five minutes listening to them. Second place for tunes I often hum are Mika songs.
6. They know excessive amounts about a given anime/manga/game

Yes. This is almost like a curse though since I just have the urge to know about everything I like. So this is also not exclusive to otaku-related stuffs.
7. You can somehow just tell intuitively that they are an otaku

Not really. Many people consider me as a nerd but the first thing that pops up in their mind when they first look at me is that I’m a basketball player considering of my height compared to other people (which is sad since I don’t play it at all). The second thing that often pops up in their mind is I’m the kind of smarty-pants who love studying more than anything and never do anything ‘fun’. They’re definitely wrong but I just can’t tell whether it’s a good or a bad thing.
8. They talk unconcernedly about anime, manga and games all the time as if it were normal

Again, not really. If it’s with my fellow otaku buddies then yes but lately even I would go to a place that’s not too crowded to talk about ‘that’ kind of stuffs. Also if you ask me this question 6 years ago then the answer was also sadly ‘yes’. It’s just strange how people can really change.
9. They start talking about a seiyuu

Yes. The reason is the same as point 6.
10. They are carrying a bag from an otaku shop like Animate or Tora no Ana

Nope. I rarely visit otaku-related shops (in fact I havent visited such kind of stores since I entered university) so you won’t find me carrying otaku-related stuffs.

So, overall it’s three ‘yes’ and seven ‘no’. I guess the 10 signs do not express otaku power level since I actually consider myself as an S-class otaku. In my opinion, they’re the signs of people who cannot repress their power level or in more sophisticated terms, unable to behave accordingly to the environment they actually find themselves in. I don’t consider talking about anime or manga as weird at all but if you forcefully talk about them to the people who don’t have something to do with you then you might be digging your own social grave. I guess what an otaku needs nowadays is self-control since I find many of them (especially the obnoxious ones) are trying so hard to express themselves with no adequate social knowledge.



  1. i love this quiz! i think i’ll take it. although i think my level would be quite high. XD

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