Posted by: opphiucus | June 11, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Ends

You cannot gain something without sacrificing anything. That is the basic law of alchemy and the truth of the universe.

I feel an obligation to write this post since FMA means more than just your average shonen manga for me. Call me a fanboy, but technically I became a fan of anime and manga and ended up having great interest to otaku culture all thanks to this masterpiece from Hiromu Arakawa.

Give me a little time to get melancholic for a while here.


I first got into anime and manga when hanging out with several friend. Back then (2003), there was a huge anime boom in my country and it was considered as something hip and cool. The me back then didn’t have much interest in ‘Japanese cartoon’ and in fact saw them as nothing but tasteless entertainment. But my buddies dragged me along to (bootleg) anime CD/DVD store. Since I had nothing to do, I found myself shuffling through the store collection. It was then I found myself hooked with the title Fullmetal Alchemist due to the word ‘alchemist’. I mean it’s very common you see fiction that features magic and dragons, but alchemy? Based on that curiosity alone I decided to follow the first anime. At the same time my other buddy recommended me the manga since the story is different from the anime. Before long I found myself as a big fan of FMA series. From FMA I have decided to check the next anime and then the next and then taking interest in VNs and ended up trapped in hellish paradise known as otakudom.

Of course like many fans I ended up being disappointed from the ending of the first anime so the news of FMA: Brotherhood was literally like a gift from God to me.


Anyway I have been thinking about this for so long that if I ever retire from the world of otakudom that would be when my first forbidden fruit finally ended. But after re-thinking the result I have decided that retiring from anime completely is a bad idea. I’m a fan of general fiction and whatever fictional stories, especially fantasy, whether it be in the form of novels, movies, comics, video games,  anime and manga, or VNs, I just can’t turn them down if I found them piqued my interest. Despite that I have decided after FMA: Brotherhood is ended (about 3-4 weeks from now) I will take several steps back from the hustle and bustle of the otakudom and focus more on different stuffs (and to think I will graduate from university soon). Maybe I will follow one anime that interests me most for each seasons to come (or none at all if nothing really matters to me) and still participate in several message boards and BBS but I will not follow anime as enthusiastic as I was back then. I don’t know about manga since I find them to be less tedious compared to following anime.

But one thing for sure is the long journey of 9 years was so great and memorable thanks to FMA. Don’t worry I will try my best to keep myself updated with interesting VNs, games, or manga to share but let’s just say that it’s time for me to find new focus and interest.

Yeah, this post just sounds way over too overdramatic but I guess it’s my personal issue with the anime that started it all for me. tl;dr thank you FMA.



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