Posted by: opphiucus | May 16, 2010


Another old game from 2008 worth to check out. It’s not H and it has gameplay so definitely it’s a whole fun for the whole family.

To be honest I don’t know other game with gameplay like similar to this one or maybe I just can’t remember any at this moment. But the gameplay is quite simple. You play platformer action game similar to Sonic or Mario but the twist lies in the control. You play with your mouse and hold left click to determine the distance and direction where the heroine will move next. You have to navigate through a maze full of enemies, puzzle and, inconvenient routes. The control in this game is so frustrating to the point where classic survival horror games feel like Pacman.

The story is pretty cliché for a platformer game. You control Monolith, the princess of the moon with breasts that can make Kaguya jealous, accompanied by your typical dof/fox/rabbit sidekick named Moon. Monolith is on her quest to collect the moon pieces because a villain is on her usual job being a villain that is messing your beautiful morning tea by destroying an artifact that ties the power of your world together and spread the fragments to many places. Of course there will be bosses waiting to test how MAD SKILLZ you are in clicking your mouse… oh and maybe they want to stop you or something.

All-in-all it’s a game with interesting concept and maddening control but with training I guess nothing will be impossible (right?). The graphic is simple and nice, the music is kinda forgettable, and it’s free. Just download it and see by yourself since the size is quite small (only 65 MB).

Official Site

Download (click the button under monolith.exe that has the writing ダウンロード on it)


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