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Indie RPG Maker H-game

I use the term indie here because of the lack of a better term. At first, I intended to use the sacred word, doujin, but I realized that these games are probably much more amateur-ish than the released doujin games we all know and love. What I’m trying to say is these games are so made by the fans and for the fans to the point where they are open source and editable to anyone who has minimal knowledge of RPG maker interface. Despite how unifinished, (quite) unpolished, and amateur-ish they are, these games are by no means dull and unrecomendable. There are several indie series that you should follow its development progress along because how promising they can be.

One main characteristics of these games is that the main character is a heroine. So you can say that you’re some kind of a perverted god that decides the nasty fate the heroine will face today. Keep in mind these games are not just RPG Maker games + H-CGs because it’s something so easy to the point where a Newground noob can make it. These games have H-scenes that are integrated into the game system and as someone who often mess around with RPG Maker I must say that it demands effort for the programing, scrpting, and artstyle. If you want RPG games with H-scenes (especially from other games) inserted into the game than the word you’re looking for is BF although I don’t know what it stand for and I’m not too interested in it. Here I will show you some of the finest samples of this kind of games. Most of these games are accesible if you want to dig around Hongfire hentai forum although some creators are quite sensitive in their game distribution so I won’t give their official website or BBS.

Offensive material within. Read at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Violated Heroine

The most legendary indie RM H-game. Why? Bec ause it’s already in development since early 2009 and still continues until now. If you have played this game once then you can see what takes this game so long. VH creators are quite ambitious and persistent which results in one of the most development game of its kind. You play the role of Nanako who aspires to be either an adventurer or an idol. Our Nanako found herself in a big city to realize her dream but all is not well for Nanako because everything she does (or actually YOU do), mostly ended up as oh-ho she’s whoring herself. In other words everything in this game (dogs, slimes, goblins, people, women and children) are out there to take Nanako’s virginity away. And you can also put Nanako into the same shoes as her predator if her slutiness level is high enough. VH gameplay is pretty much resembles Legend of Mana although everything you come across can rape you literally. The bad part of VH is the fact that it contains some DO NOT WANT fetishes for most casual hentai fans such as pregnancy, tentacle rape, scat, even mild guro. Oh, and it also contains tons of ryona. For newcomers of VH I would recommend the early versions of VH since it includes debug option that can make exploring much easier. Once you get to know the world around VH and the available H-scenes you can try the newer version. Anyway VH uses RPG Maker 2003 so make sure you grab its RTP first before playing it.

HF thread

VH wiki


The second most popular (at least for me) of its kind. Unlike VH, Anise uses RPG Maker VX so the presentation feels much more modern (if you often play arpound with RPG Maker then you know what I’m talking about). Also unlike VH, character portraits in Anise is made by 3D custom girl program and this is the biggest minus point for me since I appreciate hand drawn H-pics more compared to the 3D rendered ones (but I understand how big pain in the rectum it is considering you must draw manually myriads of pics for evey variations of H-styles). I can’t say much about Anise because I’m not a faithful follower of it but from what I’ve played so far, Nanako from VH makes a cameo in it. There’s also some kind of gaiden for Anise based on one of its side-characters named Tina.

HF thread


Lolimaho is probably the best example to show young cadets of RPG Maker that the more ambitious your project is the higher your chance of you either stop, giving up, or losing interest of its development. Lolimaho (made with RM2003), not only have better artstyle than VH, but also have the best system and H-scenes variatons. The female characters are much more drawn and designed and it offers potential that is not offered by VH or Anise. For start, it features day/night system by the time VH hasn’t implemented it. Second, it has gauges for hunger, body cleanliness, and bladder thus adding more potential to H-scenes variations (who doesn’t want to see a hungry aroused loli who hasn’t bathed for three days and can’t wait to take a pee only to find… okay, that was too much). But alas good things must find its end fast because the creators decided that they have to redesign the system over and over again to the point where Duke Nukem Forever seems will be released tomorrow. By the time this post is written, the creator scrapped the first version of Lolimaho entirely and created Lolimaho Gaiden (whish is also as amazing looking with engaging system but also non-existent news of new version release) with RPG Maker XP that doesn’t feature a loli or a mahou. For creators of Lolimaho (yeah, right… A Japanese following an unknown gaijin blog), please please please I beg you to at least announce to us that Lolimaho is still in the work.

You can find the ancients traces of Lolimaho in the same HF thread as VH.


I’ve once discussed about RronaSaga in my post about Ryona games and just like Saga, I don’t like this one as much. If the previous games are made with the prospect that someday they will be released commercially along Duke Nukem Forever then this one is probably the incarnation of from the fans, by the fans, for the fans. Just like Saga, in this game you can choose from many selections of heroines who differ from one with another depending whether or not her programmer have enough time to set the H-portraits and stats into a world where everything seems to be against virginity. Just as I mention earlier, this game is probably the Mugen of this kind of game because if you can draw (heck even if you can’t draw) you can make your own character and release your own version of RyonaRPG. Still it’s a fun game if you love experimenting.

HF thread


Ring of Lust

Another game I haven’t played yet and only watching my friend showing it to me. Unlike the other, it’s made in China. The good news is, it’s original (gasp!). The bad news, it doesn’t feature character potrait art that is vital for this kind of game (boo!). Basicaly the plot is that you’re a girl who possess THE ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL that can make everything horny by looking at you. Yes, everything. Even animals (although at this point you should realize that everything in the world of these creators be they material and immaterial have desire to rape the heroine).

HF thread

Fantasy Homeless

Let’s close this long picless post (because I’m a lazy bastard) with a homage to the creator of VH. Yes, FH, the past creation of VH team that now finds itself in Limbo chatting with Virgil. Unlike VH, FH was created with RPG Maker 2003 and features the most unique system compared to the previous games. It features SIDE-VIEW H-BATTLES! How creative is that? But the team abandoned our FH here and now we can only pray that VH won’t face he same fate. Since it’s made by the same team of VH you might find many similarities with it. Before I forget, the current team of VH creators actually consist of smaller teams that once made RPG Maker H-games that shares the same fate as FH although with worse art.

You can find more info regarding FH and its brethrens if you dig around the VH thread at HF.



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