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Doraemo AKA Doraemon Harem Love Comedy Webcomic

This is quite old (since 2003) but rarely spoken among western otakudom. You can find it here.

May I ask you, are yo(ry

For those who are new to the world of anime or been spending your childhood in US or other countries that do not bask in the Doraemon’s glory, Doraemon is a character from an old anime of the same name created by the legendary mangaka duo, Fujiko Fujio. Its premise is simple, an elementary school nerd and idiot named Nobita befriends a robot from the future named Doraemon who was sent by his descendants to help their ancestor’s miserable life. The story revolves around Doraemon’s magical gadgets and drugs OF THE FUTURE and the hijinks that ensue due to various reasons but mainly Nobita’s own idiocy.

The original that started it all

Asking why Doraemon is so popular is like asking why Mickey Mouse is so popular. It was created when the world of manga and anime was not as varied as now and it was appealing the general audience, young and old. It’s just simply the whole fun for the whole family. It is no wonder that Doraemon became so iconic especially to countries where children grew up watching his show and was even selected as the Japanese ambassador of anime to the world (yes, the most popular anime chara in the world is neither Naruto, Goku, nor Luffy but a blue robot cat). In fact, if you’ve read enough manga, you can find many cameos and mentions of Doraemon and his 4th dimensional pocket.

Back to the main topic. Doraemo is a webcomic drawn by a Toshiaki from 2ch. It once started as a wacky parody of Doraemon with the touch of shonen action and slight ecchi comedy. But suddenly the Toshiaki who created this suffered from paradigm shift and decided to make it a harem story revolving around Nobita. Doraemo’s premise is similar with the original Doraemon with Nobita encountered a cat robot from the future who helps him with his gadget. But that’s when the similarity stops.

Clockwise from right: Nobita, Shizuka, Doraemon, Jaian, and Dekisugi

Doraemo’s Nobita is a cool boy with good reflexes that he incorporates into amazing talent of marksmanship (just like the original Nobita) and martial art ability of using string as his weapon (to parody original’s Nobita nerdness in ayatori). Doraemon is suffering from some kind of mental imbalance and is considered useless in this story. He at one point was turned into a loli but now ended up shafted despite being the titular character. Shizuka is now your typical childhood crush character who seems to be pale in comparison to other charas. Jaian AKA Takeshi is now a tsundere tomboy who harbors a crush to Nobita. Dorami is a tsundere loli who once went into the past to check Doraemon’s condition but ended up falling for Nobita. Dekisugi is a cute trap who also loves Nobita. Tsuneo appears in the early part of the story as an antagonist but as the story develops he ended up non-existent. Nobita’s mother is a MILF who suffers from son complex and his father once drawn very similar to the original chara but ended up as a cool aniki later in the story. Later, more obscure characters from the original work make their appearance such as Riruru, Shizuka’s android friend who ended up also falling for Nobita, Miyoko, the protagonist from one of Doraemon adventure story who ends up as a reverse trap who (unsurprisingly) also falls for Nobita, the villain from the same story who ends up as a MILF who harbors crush on Nobi’s mom and Nobita himself, the demon lord character whom I forgot his name from another Doraemon adventure story that I forgot the title who ends up as the story’s token loli, and even the many Doraemons from around the world where some appears as creepy as the blue Doraemon while some appears as kemonomimi girls who just like the other girls somehow fall for Nobita.

The first strip

For some reason I find Doraemo to be very amusing since it has everything from the original and turns it into the moe subculture. Perhaps the greatest joy is not within the moe itself but seeing how the old characters somehow adapted into form that is very common today. This is not ruining your childhood experience, IT’S IMPROVING IT! The art evolves from sketchy black and white oekaki into full color and more detailed (still) oekaki. The sad thing about Doraemo is the fact that it’s so obscene it ended up untranslated so if you can’t read and understand Japanese you will miss many of the jokes.

The newest strip by the time this post was written

Overall, Doraemo is a strange yet amusing version of Doraemon which is worth checking for a few wut and lol.

The three foreign Doraemons

Dorami (left) and the demon lord (right)


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