Posted by: opphiucus | April 2, 2010

Narcissu Side 2nd Is Out!

Finally after more than 2 years of delay, the English translated version of the prequel for the tear-jerking masterpiece from Stage Nana, Narcissu, is out!

For those who have been living under a rock, Narcissu is a free VN from the doujin group Stage Nana that tells the story of tragic relationship between terminally ill man and woman. The writer, Tomo Kataoka, is a generous man who allows fan translation group to translate the game not only making the English version of Narcissu to be free but also official.

The VN itself is presented in minimalistic style with narrow screen giving the impression of a road movie commonly found in Western culture. Despite being accompanied with music and voice acting in one version, Narcissu style is less ‘bright’ and ‘colorful’ compared to many VNs which is understandable since it helps you to dive into the mood of the characters.

Unlike the first installment that was translated by Insani, Narcissu Side 2nd is translated by Neechin. Just like the first game, this one is also distributed for free and also official thus eliminating the guilty feeling for all those moralfags out there. I myself haven’t played the second game yet but considering how the first game is full of BAWWW and capable of knocking one’s confidence down, I will put this down until I finish my Double Spoiler marathon.

Get Narcissu Side 2nd here!

Get the first game here!



  1. Just so you know, the Side 2nd install also contains the first game with an additional translation by Neechin so there’s no need to separately download the first one.

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