Posted by: opphiucus | March 23, 2010

MGS Is Now Moe!

Snake! What's going on!? SNAKE! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!

Not even Kojima’s number one series can survive the moe-craze! After many fans writhe in agony due to the sudden moe virus that attacked beloved Beserk series now it’s time for MGS fans to share the sentiment. Just check out the newest MGS Peace Walker PV.

With names such as Kobayashi Yu and Nana Mizuki decorating the seiyuu cast no doubt that Kojima might want to appeal fans from certain genre. On the other side, we have Paku Romi who thankfully is not a seiyuu you might want to associate with the moe sub-genre and we also have Tomokazu Sugita and Mugihito (DESIRE!!!) to guarantee the quality of this game.

Don’t forget that Kikuko Inoue will also voice a shota named Chico (ahem…).


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