Posted by: opphiucus | March 3, 2010

New Touhou Game is Announced

Anon: Hey, ZUN! You said there would be new Touhou game!

ZUN: It’s right there ahead on Reitaisai! Are you dense stop shouting!

Anon: Where is the game, ZUN? Or we’ll reveal the ending of UFO to the whole world!

ZUN: Just check my blog! You… you…


Anon: D:<

And that’s how the new Touhou game, Touhou Bunkachou~ Double Spoiler, come to this world. Strange memetic title aside, the newest installment of Touhou game turns out not to be another STG but instead the sequel to the first Bunkachou game, Shoot the Bullet. If you remember StB, it features what can be considered as the literal manifestation of bullet hell. Heck, it’s even worse than bullet hell, it’s almost like bullet hell freezes over and Gensokyoan lolis start to fly around more to the point of the border of lunacy and insanity to the players. In fact, I haven’t managed to get passed Remilia stage myself. And this time ZUN claims that Double Spoiler will have even higher difficulty than StB. Oh, joy! As manic as it might turn out to be, I can’t wait to play Double Spoiler since I’m expecting Scarlet Weather Rhapsody for All People in danmaku form. Delicious danmaku…

Touhou Bunkachou~ Double Spoiler will be released on March 14th as White Day gift from ZUN. Awww…

BTW Aya is now some kind of crow-tengu-elf-slut hybrid.


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