Posted by: opphiucus | January 1, 2010

Love-Plus Fans Enjoy Their ‘Plus-Mas’

Ahh… Love-Plus... The only thing more satisfying than escaping reality is to escape reality with a fictional girl. Oh, wait… You can also elope from reality! Although this news is a little old but I think everybody must know how Konami’s masterpiece can also act as the best source of ‘those silly things that people do’ kind of news.

Anyway those Love-Plus fans/players/fanatics (how do you call them? Love-Plusies?) can finally for the first time spend their Christmas with their favorite characters. All thanks to Konami’s special campaign they’d like to call ‘Plus-Mas’. Hundreds of those so-called fans queued for hours under the cold winter of roneriness Tokyo in order to get the Love-Plus Christmas set that consists of a cake, a Christmas card from their favorite girl and AR Christmas cards. Yes, that means those… happy fellows can now interact with their waifus via their computer cam. Oh, joy to the world…


It’s still unconfirmed whether or not Konami will continue this event this year but condidering how Love-Plus is perpetual I think they will do the same thing next Christmas. That is unless another company decides to release a new roneriness-quenching that forces hundreds of those happy fellows to switch their waifus for a new one.

Wait... wut?


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