Posted by: opphiucus | December 25, 2009

Moe Causes Anime Decline CNN Says

The title says it all. This is the article.

So moe it can kill the entire industry!

Now now, although it comes from Communist “News” Network, I must admit the article contains some truth in it. Although I myself like cute girls in anime, I must admit that too much is not good. However I’m a firm believer in the ‘don’t blame the game, blame the player’ concept and in this case ‘don’t blame the fad, blame the fans’.

As you might know, moe already exists back in the 90’s (or perhaps predates that). With stuffs like Tenchi Muyo and Cardcaptor Sakura, we must all admit that moe is not a sudden fad. In fact moe is what adds variety to the business we like to call ‘anime’. However, with the sudden popularity of the genre (mainly thanks to KyoAni), the hardcore otaku begins to become (very) obsessed with the moe subculture to the point of of no return. The bad thing is the moe sub-culture has formed a wall for newcomer fans to enter the fandom of anime and worse is for studios to be creative with their works. Back in the 90’s and golden era of modern anime (around 2003) we have rich variety in anime but the market today is nominated with slice of life featuring cute girls. I don’t want to go way too deep in this topic since it can cause heated discussion but all I want to say is that Japanese otaku are way too obsessed with moe to the point where they can ruin the industry they adore very much.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I like Nitro+ works. They manage to balance the moe with the awesomeness so they can deliver something that should be delivered in the first place, entertainment not escapism.

Anyway, if you start to wonder why it only affects anime and not manga it’s because anime is more business oriented while manga is more rooted to Japanese culture and favor of reading itself. In other words, it’s easier for someone to be branded as an otaku if they follow anime than to follow manga because manga is more accepted as general culture in Japan. In fact many instruction manuals of electronic stuffs are made in manga format… in JAPAN!


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