Posted by: opphiucus | July 10, 2009

Vanguard Princess

I have been planning to make a little review of this doujin fighting game but somehow got a bit lazy lately. Anyway here it goes.

What would an ex-Capcom employee do if he just stepped down from his job carrying with him experience of making fighting game for huge company that produces Street Fighter? Well, making free fighting game of course! Vanguard Princess is something I would like to call as Street Fighter + Arcana Heart in the nutshell. It has nice graphics, cute girls, fun gameplay, and most importantly IT’S FREE.

Character selection screen

Character selection screen

This game plays almost like your usual 2D fighting game albeit less combo-heavy. There are 10 playable characters and they’re all girls. It also has the assist system where you can choose one from the four assistants. Each of them have their own skills and can be executed with the combination of directional buttons and D button. Assist is useful if you want to connect the gap between you and your opponent if you’re trying to pull out a combo since chaining is nearly non-existent in this game. Pulling special after normal attacks is also a bit hard to do which makes VanPri rsembles your old classic fighting game compared to the fighting games we have today. To make pulling combos more difficult is the lack of air dash in this game which is bad for those who like spamming them to close the gap. Another thing that annoys me is how there’s no option to control the damage output since I found each battle round to be extremely short.

Typical battle scene

Typical battle scene

Using assist to PWN opponent

Using assist to PWN opponent

Although there are flaws in the gameplay system, I must praise this game for its beautiful graphic. For a fanmade game, VanPri’s graphic is gorgeous and the character pixel is so smooth. Perhaps I can say that it’s nearly on the same level as BlazBlue. Even the famous Melty Blood doesn’t have graphics on the same level as this when it first came out. This game is also fully voiced which is a plus and the music is also nice.

Character artwork and their movelist

Character artwork and their movelist

Overall this game has its own flaw but I suggest for fighting game enthusiasts to at least try to play it (after all it’s free). It might not fit the taste of those who love combo heavy games but those who love playing older style fighting games probably can enjoy this more. Overall VanPri is a unique game on its own and as an amateur (or should I say ex-professional?) product it’s just simply good.

Official Site

Download VanPri here for free

It’s been long since I’ve done a PICS TIME

vanpri scene_1vanpri scene_2vanpri scene_3vanpri scene_4



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