Posted by: opphiucus | July 5, 2009

Information Regarding Umineko Episode 5

Finally tidbits of information regarding the upcoming Answer arc for Umineko no Naku Koro ni is released.

EDIT: Now complete with the opening scene!

There will be spoilers regarding the Umineko series in this post. If you’re currently following the anime series or reading visual novel but haven’t reached episode 4 yet then advance at your own risk.

The answer arc will called Umineko no Naku Koro ni San and episode 5 AKA the first answer arc will be titled ‘The End of the Golden Witch’. Messesanoh has prepared the official site and will soon start accepting preorders on 20th of July and it will probably be released during summer Comiket this August. This is the painting that will come with the game, a pretty beautiful painting IMO.

umineko 5

Opening Scene

SPOILER (highlight to read)And here comes the major questions. Who is that girl on the portrait? A new character? Is she Asumu? Or is she the original Beatrice? Or even the ‘real’ Battler? Next is about the title. What does it mean by ‘End’? Does it literally mean Beatrice’s end? And end for their game? Or another character’s end? Or maybe the word ‘End’ is something more metaphorical. But isn’t it way to early for something to end? How come the end comes so fast? Well, myriads of questions might pop up with only this info we have but one thing for sure is that August suddenly feels so far away.

Another tidbit regarding the word San. The kanji that made the word (散) can actually merge with Kai (解) (from Higurashi Kai) making the word kaisan (解散) which means breakup or dissolution. I don’t know whether it’s just a gimmick from Ryuukishi or does it actually hold a hidden meaning, we can only wait until the answer unveil itself.

EDIT: it also turns out that the character is read as Chiru which means fall. However the point about the reading if the two kanji are combined is still standing.

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  1. I thought about it being a metaphor but I couldn’t figure anything out.

    I remembered the reasons the portrait changed before:

    Episode 2 (no exact reason, other than to change to the guest Beatrice)
    Episode 3 (for Eva becoming the Golden Witch)

    Hopefully this one will leave hint as to what the portrait changes according to.

  2. Wait if this is an Answer arc that means the story will start from beginning again like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni did?
    That would kind of suck, i hope the story continues where it left off in episode 4 😦


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