Posted by: opphiucus | July 4, 2009

Nitro+ and JASTUSA Collaboration

nitro jastusa gattai

Inconveniently put banner is inconveniently put.

Finally some good news! JASTUSA announced this wonderful partnership during Anime Expo 2009 (which I didn’t attend). The first Nitro+ masterpiece that will localized is the awesomeness that is Zanma Taisei Demonbane. Although its uncertain whether already fan-translated or partially-translated games such as Saya no Uta and Sumaga will also get localized. JASTUSA also haven’t said anything about those BL games that are released under Nitro+Chiral banner. It won’t be too difficult for JASTUSA to manipulate the lolis’ age since most lolis in Nitro+ games are already around 100 years old or more lol. Anyway I just can’t wait to get my hands on translated Gekkou no Carnevale and Tenshi no Nichou Kenju since that means I have a reason to replay them.



  1. Yes. Finally good news in 2009. It’s about time Nitro+ games got some official coverage. I mean holy god we got a horrible DVD version of Phantom long ago and then nothing. And as one forum goer said “Wow, games WITH PLOT”

    “Gekkou no Carnevale and Tenshi no Nichou Kenju”

    Those are the two I want aswell.

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