Posted by: opphiucus | June 29, 2009

Moe Moe Putin



We all know how moe Putin can be but do you have the hidden desire to fap vigorously to the genderswapped version of the man that can make your family vanish in a night? Well, don’t feel depressed because the Glorious Land of Nippon once again proves itself to be the expert when it comes to fulfilling your messed up dreams.

For some reason the logo has US flag pattern on it.

For some reason the logo has US flag pattern on it.

The upcoming eroge from ALcot titled Osananajimi wa Daitoryou or My Childhood Friend is the President (but for some reason its official translation is My Girlfriend Is the President) will have a character named Irina Vladimirovna Putin who is your childhood friend and at the same time the president of Russia. To make her more moe, she has the nickname Pu-chin which I admit is quite HNNNNGGGGG inducing. On the other hand, the game doesn’t seem to deliver something new from your standard VN. However, having Putin as the main heroine seems to be an enough gimmick to make many anons out there to buy dl once it comes out. As for me, I have to admit that I’m not too interested in this game aside from the Putin stuff but I think I’ll just dl the cg set.




It’s a good thing that ‘Genderswapped version of the President of Russia’ is not one of the banned factors from the EOCS mess or else we will not have this… interesting idea. Anyway keep in mind not to mess around with Putin since in Soviet Russia, president assassinates you!

EDIT: How come I forgot to mention that this game has a GIRL named Obama as the PRESIDENT of JAPAN!?



  1. It could only be more amazing if Putin-chan was a tsundere. Then I would puke out my own heart from HHHHNNNGGGGHHHH.

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