Posted by: opphiucus | May 9, 2009

Hopping Tenshi

Do you like Tenshi from Touhou?

Do you like hopping?

Do you like boasting your score from an endless game to people around you?

Then maybe this is the game for you! Sadly I’m suck at games like this and my highest score is only slightly more than 3000.



  1. Damn this game is fun. Thanks Opphiucus.

    Highest height is now 7907 KM.

  2. “Then maybe this is >>the game<< for you! "

    I just lost.

    Also Tenshi is AWESOME! They should do a cirno version, I like her moar.

  3. LOL! my highest one is 9477 km. I love the new one!

  4. woohoo finally got past the ufo my highest is 15875

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