Posted by: opphiucus | April 29, 2009

Katawa Shoujo First Demo

What started as (seemingly) joke project from 4chan finally got its first demo released. Yes, I’m talking about Katawa Shoujo the first high-quality (you got to admit it) VN from English speaking community. If you don’t know what Katawa Shoujo is, it’s basically a VN that explores the moe moe side of disabled girls. Of course what is a VN without all the drama? You play as a dude who suffers from typical anime AIDS heart disease. Now you must spend your days in a school dedicated for disabled people. Can you regain the life you’ve lost from the hospitalization and somehow experience love once again?

After playing the first demo, my impression is quite positive. The character interaction is enjoyable and considering this comes from English speaking community like 4chan somehow makes the experience quite unique. I must jump along with many 4chan’s anon to Hanako bandwagon. Her design is pretty unique for a VN character and I’m just weak against quiet character. My other favorite characters so far are Shizune and Misha.

Here I’m hoping KS might endorse other creative fans out there to make plausible VNs instead of just LULZ SO RANDOM XD stuffs we usually get. Of course I’m expecting we can get the full version sooner so let’s just hope the developers don’t lose their spirit. BTW Lelouch is such an attention whore.



  1. Yeah, I saw Lelouch in there when you first walk into the classroom.

    It’s a WTF moment.

    No one had written anything about it though when i first saw it. (but, obviously, I never checked this site)

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