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Ryona Games

Sorry for teh lack of updates. I just realized there’s no new posts at all for this month so I’ve decided to write my experience with ryona games. Before you proceed I must tell you that THIS POST MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME PEOPLE ESPECIALLY IF YOU OPPOSE GURO, SADISM, OR SUCHLIKE. It’s stated in red therefore it must be true!

Well I myself am not a fan of ryona games but one of my friends is a die-hard fan (don’t ask). Since he’s quite busy with college and isolated from the internet thanks to the sucky internet connection they have there, he asked me to fetch him some ryona games he considered as ‘interesting’. It’s a good thing that 4chan is much crueler than the wildest ryona game available so I’m able to stomach those games.

Ryona games are basically games that exploitate violence on women. It doesn’t have to go as far being guro but any realistic or semi-realistic violence towards women can be considered as ryona genre. That’s why the DOA series is categorized as ryona by fans from the great Nippon. In my voyage to seek more knowledge of darker otaku sub-culture, I have stumbled upon several free fanmade ryona games you might (not) want to check out.


The first ryona game (that’s truly dedicated to ryona) I played. I also played this game long before my friend asked me to embark on a quest for ryona games. This game basically tells the story of Fia who was abducted and must find her way home. At first it might look like your happy fun joyful adventure game featuring a cute girl with some strange yet cute monsters as the enemies. But I realized that I was wrong after falling into the first pit. Not only Ruona, this game also features hardcore hentai and mild guro. The chibi artsyle in this game doesn’t help anything at all. Right now Hanakanmuri is in the progress of being upgraded into a full fledged doujin game. That’s not all! The developer also begins a new game project called ‘Elizabeth’ that combines adventure with ADV gameplay. Oh, joy!

Another typical scene in Hanakanmuri.


This one is not too heavy on ryona but it’s categorized as ryona on this site. Even I don’t know why this one is ryone. It’s just a side-scrolling platformer game featuring a maid with two guns and inconsistent artwork. But since the Japanese says it’s a ryona game then it must be a ryona game.

Mouse Ryonage

A ryonage-in-progress. Once it’s finished, basically it lets you torture your own mouse-girl. Ideal game of torturing simulation for spies, dictators, messed-up husbands, and ronery otakus everywhere.

Ryona Quest

A buggy fanmade RPG from RPG Maker 2003 that allows you to enter your favorite heroines (Sophia, Celes, Lenneth, and many more) into a massive messed up ryona tournament. So buggy that I don’t even know what I should do.


What is an article about ryonage without the slightest mention of Demonophobia? It’s basically everything you want from a ryona game. Gore, vore, decapitation, urination, humiliation, and a giant enemy vagina. You play as Sakuri, a poor girl who summoned demons from the underworld to punish her classmates. Just as usual, shit happens and now she’s trapped in the underworld and find herself unable to die. Yup, that means after every gruesome deaths you will be recovered to the way you were. This game is so legendary to the point where the creator decided to give it a sequel, Xenophobia. But for some reason the creator got lazy and the project is stalled. Anyway, this is the first ryona game I stumbled unto during my honorable quest. A word of warning, the latter part of the game can be quite frustrating thanks to the semi-danmaku boss battle. The glitchy control can also drive you mad.

A gamer dude plays Demonophobia.

Silent Desire 2

Last but least (not counting the ‘hey, where’s my ryona?’ Evigen) ryona game is Silent Desire 2. Despite its title, I must assure you it’s nota hentai title. SD2 is a 2D hack-and-slash game with annoying control and quite challenging difficulty. What makes it ryona is there are several death scenes drawn in detail to show you how miserable the girl is. In case you’re wondering, yes it’s a sequel and Silent Desire does exist. But no, the first game is not a ryona game. It’s just a simple dungeon-crawling RPG with boring gameplay.

I must shamefully admit there some kind of appeal in these ryona games but at the same time this game is DEFINITELY not for everyone. In case you’re curious then I welcome you to try playing several of these games. Although I can see why Hanakanmuri and Demonophobia might get popular. Ignoring the faulty control, both have solid gameplay and might offer you some challenge. In fact, there’s a site dedicated to host ryona fanarts. If you’re interested to find more about ryona games, you can check out a Japanese wiki dedicated to free fanmade ryona games or the BBS for ryona games.



  1. I’ve noticed the posts you’ve mentioned might be offensive as written, but I still have to tell this. I seriously oppose to humiliation, especially to girls. If you could tolerate, I would please you that you should not post these items onto the webs.

    I think you could understand what do I exactly mean by, its their “privacy”, and their “privacy” is not a game and such for people to fool and play around with…

    • I have a better idea – if you don’t like seeing these items on the internet, don’t look around on the internet for such items. It’s quite easy to avoid seeing things that you don’t want to see, without trying to restrict other people’s speech or expression.

      And these games are about completely fictional people, who cannot really feel pain or humiliation, and which *certainly* do not have any privacy to violate. There is a difference between fantasy and reality.

    • I agree. If you don’t like what you see then please stay off the Internet. You are being a prude and are ruining it for the rest of us. Please stop commenting on other people’s posts trying to tell them that they should not post things like this on the Internet. It is your fault that you are offended by it. Go away.

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  3. I believe it’s fine to appreciate these games in the art or gaming aspect, it will be just fine if u don’t practice it in real life that’s it. Also we need to consider the users own nature, tons of people play guro games or look at them but they do not go around and try all those on real people, if u look at those psycho killers it’s the other things that influence their actions, not the guro. Personally i think nowadays movies are even more gross, but people can still watching it and pretending it’s normal, but cannot tolerate guro, how amazing.

  4. can you tellme where i can find these games ????

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  6. Aha so that’s what Ryona means, I don’t enjoy seeing harm come to women, quite the opposite and those mangas like Overfiend appall me when a hot woman is mutilated or those slasher films…. Anyhow the reason I have an interest in these things is cos I’ve had a fetish since I was a kid for seeing women carried. One scenario where this would happen is where a woman is hurt or to kill two birds with one stone if she is being harmed through being lifted and thrown around by a wrestler etc… Well girls being carried in games is nowhere as common as I’d like, they appear most often in wrestling games… Anyhow, anyone else here who appreciates seeing females being carried? I’ve concluded I enjoy seeing women vulnerable, seeing them out of action lying on the floor does stir something inside me or even seeing them cry…

  7. Very good post. I definitely appreciate this site.

    Stick with it!

  8. <<carrylover
    For me I prefer more bloody than that… I'd like to see girls get tortured (skinned, rip finger bones off, pull her guts out etc.) more than just threw around…

    btw, To the writer. If u still in search for some more ryona(guro) games, I would like to present you Depravia(recommend),Splatter School, Crackle Cradle, Another Dimention and Punisher. But be aware that some of those game contain guro as much as Demonophobia though. Some of those are quite hard to find on internet but it's not impossible since I got free version of all games I've mention above. U can find info about those game at but that's not where u can download it. (and I've forgot where did I download those game too lol)

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