Posted by: opphiucus | February 20, 2009

Naruto Supports PKS

I know Artefact has already made a post about this in Sankaku Complex but as a proud Indonesian, I feel an obligation to make a post regarding this one. But first let’s take a look at the pretty picture.

Hmm... what should I say now?

It seems the candidate for territorial legislative member (DPRD) from Prosperous Justice Party, or abbreviated as PKS in Indonesian, believes that a certain ninja in orange jumpsuit would make his campaign successful. Then again I live in a country where Yuna and Tidus ripoffs make an appearance in a snack commercial, Rurouni Kenshin BGM is played during a television talkshow about menopause, GuitarMania with Indonesian songs, and children can be found happily playing a bootleg PoliStation while watching bootleg DVDs with bootleg Soni DVD Player. This is actually not a new thing for me but then again it has anime and it has a nice touch of Indonesian oddity. BTW trust me, the anti-pornography bill doesn’t work. It was just passed by the government to satisfy those Muslim extremists who consider showing your navel is a grave sin worse than beheading people. We still have lots of cute girls in kinky clothes here especially in the city areas.

BTW to make sure this post doesn’t sound too offensive to fellow Indonesians (trust me, they see many things as offensive here) and found this blog banned for violating the Internet Regulation Bill (one of the bills that also doesn’t work) I must tell you if you ever decided to visit Indonesia, makes sure to take a taste of gado-gado. It has even made its appearance during the inauguration of the President of US!



  1. lol he he he he he he
    Never knew if my nation is so weird 😀

  2. That just….so wrong….

    • Of course after all we are ‘de best kauntri’ in the world.

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