Posted by: opphiucus | February 12, 2009

Umineko Chara Poll Result

The result of Umineko character popularity poll is in. I must say the result is quite surprising but keep in mind the real result (minus the spamming) will be published this Sunday.

Top 10:

  1. Battler
  2. Ange
  3. Beatrice
  4. Rosa
  5. Mariya
  6. Natsuhi
  7. Jessica
  8. Kanon (Kanon and Jessica are actually tied in number of posts)
  9. Bernkastel
  10. Gohda (woot!)

The battle for number 1 spot is quite fierce between Battler, Ange, and Beato. In the end Battler took the honor of being number 1. I quite pity Beato for being only number 3 considering how the series is all about her. It’s also strange how Rosa and Natsuhi are more popular then their respective daughter, Mariya and Jessie. Kanon and Jessie being tied is also quite amusing. Maybe this means good omen for the pairing lol. Bernkastel is only number 9 which makes me quite sad although her alter ego has experienced much glory in the past Saimoe. But what really is surprising is how Gohda being in the top 10. I don’t know whether if it’s because of spamming or not but if it’s not because of spamming then the people of glorious Nippon must’ve loved him so much (IIRC he has quite lots of fanarts in Pixiv… being a joke character).

Anyway I will update this entry once the clean result is out.


Final Result for the top 20:

  1. Battler
  2. Ange
  3. Beatrice
  4. Rosa
  5. Natsuhi
  6. Mariya
  7. Jessica
  8. Kanon (tied with Jessica)
  9. Bernkastel
  10. GOHDA
  11. George
  12. Virgillia
  13. Amakusa
  14. Eva
  15. Mammon
  16. 34
  17. Siesta 410 (tied with 34)
  18. Kyrie
  19. Krauss
  20. Shannon


  1. yay! Risa made the top 10. She would probably be my favorite female character (though I bet Ange may contest that position when I play Episode 4 after it gets translated).

    Good to see Battler is in the top.

    What suprises me most is that Mammon of all the Stakes is in the top 20, I mean WTF does she actually have lines in Episode 4? (don’t answer that I’ll want to see for myself).

    No surprise that Ange is in the top, cause she already got to the top after Episode 3

  2. Yep, something happens in ep 4 that makes Mammon being in the top 20 is quite reasonable.

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