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Type-Moon Ace vol. 2

Nothing sparks the joy of Type-Moon fans other than more Type-Moon stuffs. And no magazines contain more stuffs regarding Type-Moon other than Type-Moon Ace. The 2nd volume of this Type-Mooncentric magazine finally hit the store and just as expected it’s filled with fresh juicy stuffs regarding Type-Moon. Since I just got my copy of TM Ace vol. 2 today, I decided to write about the content of this magazine.

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru

One of Nasu’s first works. Nasu stated that Mahoyo is actually the first part of a trilogy and the latter two is still non-existent as of now. It was originally planned to be released Spring this year but they pushed it back to Fall due to massive change. The writing style will also be a combination of Nasu’s old and writing style although I just don’t quite get what this means.

Girls’ Work

The story will take place in Misaki City, the same city as Tsukihime. I hope there will be tons of cameo from Tsukihime characters. Besides that nothing too interesting regarding this project.

Fate/ Unlimited Codes

PLOT TWIST! It turns out that the artist who drew the full body illustration and the opening and ending art is not Takashi Takeuchi! They’re done by Capcom’s artist named Higurashi Ryuuji. It’s amazing how he can perfectly emulated Takeuchi’s style.

Mahou Tsukai no Bako

Another TM’s project that doesn’t interest me. Basically it’s a mobile phone site based on Ahnenerbe (a cafe from Kara no Kyokai). Despite its name, it doesn’t have anything to do with Mahoyo. Two new characters are introduced for the website. They are Hibiki Hibino and Chikagi Katsuragi. Hibiki looks like the lolified version of Arc while Katsuragi looks like a carbon copy of Rin.


Although I’m actually interested in this one, I can’t say much since I don’t know the original material it comes from, the Wii VN titled 428. But the character design looks interesting and rather fresh though.

Kinoko Nasu

There’s a chat between Nasu and the sprite artist of Melty Blood. In another article, nasu also stated that he was offered a job by another company. Could he be talking about the side-story in 428? Anyway there’s also an interview with Naoko Takano, seiyuu of Kohaku in MB. I don’t care much about interviews though.

Fate/ strange fake

My personal favorite content from this copy of magazine. It was supposed to be an April’s Joke written by Narita Ryohgo of Baccano’s fame. But many fans like it so they decided to turn it into realization. However it will be in the form of a role-playing game and the booklet that comes with this copy contains the introduction chapter and character description. It tells the story of the 7th Holy Grail War that took place in a fictional town near Las Vegas named Snowfield. The twist is that it’s not the Holy grail War we all know but an attempt to copy it by a certain magician faction from US government. Because it’s a copy, many flaws exist in this game such as the lack of Saber class and many of the participants are actually magically enhanced. The only recurring character from the original F/SN is Gilgamesh who’s only interested in the war because his buddy Enkidu also participates in it. BTW Enkidu is a trap in this story. The main character is a mage from Fuyuki who carries five command mantras and can summon five different servants however they have time limit regarding their materialization and can only be summoned once. I guess the main character will be a nice touch of ‘Make your own servant’ system that has been dreamt by many fans. Anyway here’s the list of the servants who will appear in the story.

Archer: Gilgamesh
Lancer: Enkidu
Assassin: Fake Hassan (a female extremist who will never be Hassan)
Caster: Alexandre Dumas Sr. (not explicitly stated)
Berserker: Jack the Ripper
Rider: The Black Death

China’s first emperor, Shih Huang Ti, was also supposed to be summoned as a servant but the plan failed since the masters are killed by Rider. Anyway, I personally spend my time WTF-ing when reading the story since sometimes it’s just so ridiculous (more ridiculous than Berserker riding a jet plane) it sounds like a half-assed fanfiction. But after I finished it, I must say there are many unique elements in this story such as the idea of bacteria being a servant.


I’m not quite interested in the manga since the only TM manga I care about is Shingetsutan Tsukihime. But the All-Around Type-Moon manga is quite amusing though.

Character Poll

TM character poll result is in! Here’s the result:

Female charas:
1. Saber
2. Arc
3. Tohsaka Rin
4. Ryogi Shiki
5. Karen Ortensia
6. Tohno Akiha
7. Kohaku
8. Ilya
9. Matou Sakura
10. Rider

I’m not too fond of the result since Hisui is not there. Fanboyism aside, I’m quite surprised to see Sakura making it to the top 10. I thought she was not too well liked in Japanland. And until now I just still don’t understand the appeal of Saber.

Male charas:
1. Archer
2. Nanaya Shiki
3. Lancer
4. Tohno Shiki
5. Emiya Shirou
6. Kotomine Kirei
7. Gilgamesh
8. Kokutou Mikiya
9. Emiya Kiritsugu
10. Iskandar

As expected for Archer to be on number 1 spot. He’s the only male chara to ever enter the top 3 of F/SN chara poll and considering it’s a bishoujo game, the fact that a character with penis is on there is quite a feat. Although I didn’t expect Gil to be so low and Iskandar to make it to the top 10.

Well that’s all, folks. As you might see, TM is still milking what they got but since it’s a delicious and entertaining milk, I can’t complain much compared to what other companies did.



  1. heh. I should do a post on this considering the Type-Moon fanboy I am.

    I am happy Akiha is atleast somewhere on the poll. Though I agree 100% about the bit on Saber (by coincidence I just completed the first route of Fate/stay night). And yeah though I’m an Akiha fanboy I also agree about the lack of Hisui.

    “it sounds like a half-assed fanfiction. But after I finished it, I must say there are many unique elements in this story such as the idea of bacteria being a servant.”
    this sums up my reaction perfectly. The story felt kind of messy. But yeah it’s intriguing nonetheless

    “Anyway, I personally spend my time WTF-ing when reading the story since sometimes it’s just so ridiculous”

    Yeah this story is much more WTF-esque. I mean taking place in America summoning AND the Black Death?

    Also they really could have done something more with Assassin. It’s like they took a really small step forward, it’s relevant to Hassan…but it’s not Hassan.
    But Enkidu as Lancer is pretty cool.

    “Male charas:
    1. Archer
    -2. Nanaya Shiki
    3. Lancer
    -4. Tohno Shiki”

    This was the most entertaining part of the poll for me. (Tsukihime) Shiki is my favorite Type-Moon protagonist.

    “Nasu’s old and writing style although I just don’t quite get what this means.”

    At first I thought it meant the difference in writing between Fate/stay night and Tsukihime. But now I’m not sure.

  2. Always heart warming to see Sakura do badly in polls, thanks, you made a sad person happy 🙂

    • Always a pleasure.

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