Posted by: opphiucus | November 29, 2008

Umineko Episode 4 OP

The OP movie of the 4th episode of Umineko series is out. It’s really interesting for me since the visual is just more awesome compared to the previous OPs. It’s just nice to see how 07th Expansion has come so far from the simple Higurashi to the 4th ep of Umineko, Alliance of the Golden Witch, which accompanied with an awesome OP animation, although they still use the same song. It’s amazing how without the use of any CGs, the OP still looks quite fantastic.

Judging from what’s seen so far from the OP, Battler will ended up more screwed and things will get nastier. Ryukishi himelf stated that the 4th ep will be longer than the previous ones. If he keeps the same pattern from Higurashi that means it will be the last ep of Umineko’s question arc and the 5th ep will mark the beginning of the answer arc.


Also look at the eye glare at 01:12. Does that means ‘that person’ will also jump into the ‘mess up with Battler’ bandwagon? And check out the figure Ange facing at 01:20 for more brickshitting moment. The Siestas seem to appear at 01:07 and who’s that at 01:05?

And no, there’s no hidden message at all in this post.



  1. I watched most of of it but refrained from discerning the images for fear of spoilers (I’ve only played the first half of episode 3).

    IT’S GOING TO BE LONGER?!? That is in no way a bad thing. But I hear latter part of episode 3 is damn long, so being even longer sounds epic.

    But anyway. Gotta love the the Stakes lined up like that.

  2. Well if you’ve played the first part of ep 3 then you don’t need to worry since you should have seen the appearance of the Siestas, Virgillia, and Ronove. Although I don’t remember whether Ange has appeared or not in the part where the patch covers.

    Yeah, IIRC there’s some kind of comparison of the size of each When They Cry games. I forgot the exact detail but Ryukishi07 estimated ep 4 of Umineko will be the longest among all When They Cry games (that includes Higurashi, Higurashi Kai, and the previous eps of Umineko).

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