Posted by: opphiucus | November 21, 2008

Das Kapital… the Manga!

In Soviet Japan, people die when they kill YOU! Okay, putting lame Russian reversal joke aside, the Japanese manga market is preparing itself for the impact that is the manga version of Das Kapital. Now before you go ‘lol wut comic about socialism’ then I need to inform you that, unlike anime, manga is considered as a mainstream media in Japan not unlike magazines or newspapers. After all the shitstorm that happened to world’s economy a while back, many people put the blame on capitalism so it’s not weird that a Japanese mangaka is inspired to publicize ol’ Max’s idea into a manga form. Of course you won’t see some harem comedy featuring socialist doctrine here but it will be more like those SERIOUS BUSINESS mangas that a regular otaku would refuse to look at (unless they’re ‘economy’ otaku). The books will hit the bookstores next month and is expected to become a publishing phenomenon.

I don’t know much about economy but one thing for sure is this shows how you can make anything into a manga… IN JAPAN! Of course this is to be expected from a country that gave us a manga about bread and wine-tasting. I think it will be great if we have a manga about Nietzsche’s books… wait, we already have that in interactive movie form </sarcasm>.

Via: Times Online


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