Posted by: opphiucus | November 1, 2008

Heaven’s Feel English Patch is Out!

If last year was a good year to become a TM fan then this year must be a good year to become VN fans in general. Besides the massive release and projects for various VNs and eroges, Mirror Moon just recently released the final English patch for Type-Moon‘s famous VN, Fate/Stay Night. This patch will translate the final route, Heaven’s Feel, and now English speaking fans are able to witness the grand finale of this awesome VN. Just like the previous patch, it also allows you to add voice to the game if you have a copy of Realta Nua. So for all TM rabid fans, stop reading this blog and just go to Mirror Moon’s main page immediately to grab your F/SN English patch!

BTW I just realized there are 3 consecutive posts about translation work. Maybe they’re the only stuffs I’m able to cover as of now since college just started turning into hell.



  1. selamlar

    güzel bir makale tebr1kler arkadaslar

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