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Onani Master Kurosawa

AKA Fap Note. Yes, it’s the manga that is hyped so much by /a/. It seems I just can’t hold the urge to write a review about this manga just like how it is hard for Kurosawa to resist fapping.

This manga is about fapping

First thing first. Onani means ‘masturbation’ and the word is already well-known in my native language so it was an instant lol when I read its title. Also this manga isn’t H despite the frequent amount of fapping and (imaginative) raeping. Onani Master Kurosawa’s story is pretty much just as described by its title. It’s about a junior high school student (yep… he’s still 15) named Kurosawa who takes masturbating as SERIOUS BUSINESS. Now, Kurosawa is not just a normal pervert like you (admit it) and me. He’s a pervert with taste and style. He only wants to fap in a girl’s bathroom and he always picks his targets with full consideration. In order to satisfy his desire, he has planned his daily routinity very well to make sure nobody disturbs him when he was ‘performing’ his ‘orchestra’ in a ‘stage’ he well-deserved. But one day he witnessed how one of his target was being bullied and he became utterly disgusted by the behavior of his classmates. Since then he vows to punish those who bully her with his white hammer of justice. From this point, the story rolls into more drama, intricacies, battle of wits, romance, and some good ol’ fapping.

I will create a world where no girls left unfapped

"I will create a world where no girls left unfapped"

Yes, I know the premise sounds stupid and I agree with it. But it was very surprising that Onani Master Kurosawa’s plot is not as funny and ridiculous as its title and premise. In fact this story is so dark and contains more angst than what I expected. The whole story is told from Kurosawa’s point of view. About 80% of the content is filled with Kurosawa’s pseudo-philosophical preaching and his thoughts. This might disgust some people because we can see Kurosawa’s process of thought when he fapped to those girls. The whole story is basically about Kurosawa so if you don’t like him from the start I suggest you just put down this manga. Of course there are other characters with their own plots and problems but we see them from Kurosawa’s point of view accompanied with Kurosawa’s thought so it makes them quite forgettable for me.

Any girls whose faces are remembered in this head will be fapped in 40 seconds

"Any girls whose face is remembered in this head will be fapped in 40 seconds"

The character design is nice. The female characters look hot and cute and I just love the bullies facial expression when they got FAPOWNED. Kurosawa’s face reminds me so much like Light and it’s a bit disturbing how he has Light’s KILL KILL KILL face when he’s masturbating. Nevertheless, Kurosawa is an awesome character although I can understand some won’t like him. But the problem with this manga is the art is not so good. But it’s understandable considering this is NOT a fully commercial manga but a doujin series. The mangaka doesn’t seem to use any toner and relies the artwork of the manga on a pencil. I believe if the mangaka has the time to fix the art with more sophisticated shading effects, it will look more awesome. BTW this is the artist’s (YOKO) last work as a doujin artist. He will move on to a commercial manga in the next project.

Plans means keikaku in Japanese

Note: 'Plans' means keikaku in Japanese

Although I’ve seen mixed reviews about this manga, I myself actually like it. It’s not an ecchi comedy I expect it to be but it turns out Kurosawa offers me a pseudo-deep plot about fapping. But i must warn you this manga is not for everyone. If you’re looking for an ecchi comedy manga like My Balls or Yuria 100 Shiki then this is definitely NOT. Despite its silly premise, you won’t find awkward ecchi situation here. In fact chapter 4 managed to give me the biggest RAGE’D I’ve ever had in my history of manga-reading. Also this manga will contain some images or lines that might turn off people. Just like what I’ve told you, if you don’t like Kurosawa then it would be hard for you to continue although his character will develop throughout the series. I can see how people see his thought as disgusting and you will see lots of his mind in this manga. Other than that, this manga is actually worth a read if you’re not so picky with its art.

YES! Im the only one who can cleanse this world by fapping to every girls!

"YES! I'm the only one who can cleanse this world by fapping to every girls!"

This manga is 4 volumes long (quite long for an original doujin series) and it’s already ended. At the time when this post is written, 6 chapters are out. Onani Master Kurosawa is scanlated by Hidoi~! and you can read it here.

Here’s a fake OP made by fans.



  1. (I don’t know if my comment went through, hopefully I haven’t duplicated a comment)

    Another ecchi series huh?

    I like the art for this one. I like how you noted:

    “The mangaka doesn’t seem to use any toner and relies the artwork of the manga on a pencil. I believe if the mangaka has the time to fix the art with more sophisticated shading effects, it will look more awesome.”

    I really like the simple art though (from what I’ve seen here), It creates an awesome “sketchy” look. That also the primary reason I really like Rozen Maiden.

    I will try to check this out (along with the Yuria (that you mentioned earlier), Though I imagine it will be difficult for me to read considering what the plot is about.


  3. wtf. what will yab think of next?

  4. i like this anime….
    it teach us to be brave in confessing our own problem..

    • It really is. But you meant manga, right? Because I would eat my own shoe to see Kurosawa anime.

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