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Yuria 100 Shiki

From the same author as My Balls (here we go again…), comes another exciting ecchi comedy to make sure you laugh your ass off. Yuria 100 Shiki is another reason why we should agree that Harada Shigemitsu is a big pervert and an awesome one at that.

Vol. 1 cover

Yuria serie 100 is probably what you can call as man’s best invention after sliced bread. She’s a humanoid dutch wife (or hug pillow but the term dutch wife is more appropriate here) equpped with perfect AI system and tons of other top-notch features to make sure you have one hell of a night. But poor Yuria decided to run away when she realized that she was created to satisfy the needs of her creator. It’s a good thing that she encountered Kubo Shunsuke, a normal hard-working college student, who provides her shelter and food. But the problem doesn’t end there, Yuria must battle her own basic program that’s telling her to satisfy the nearest man to her. To make things complicated, Kubo already has a girlfriend and he’s waaaayyy too loyal to his current girlfriend to the point he rejects most sexual activities with other girls. The story revolves around Yuria’s daily life with Kubo and the misunderstandings and awkward situations her program brought unto her.

This manga features several characters which I consider the opposite of nowadays ecchi manga/anime character archetypes. First we have Yuria. If many ecchi manga features a perverted hero then in this manga we have a perverted heroine. Just like what I’ve previously stated, Yuria is a perfect dutch wife accompanied with awesome features. Sadly those features are what make her dangerous to those around her especially Kubo. She has a nocturnal mode and a natural instinct that makes her go ecchi at certain times. She also has a massive vocabulary of one-liners suited for conversation during sex and other stuffs that definitely invite misunderstandings around her. Sadly, Yuria possesses several flaws such as limited counting ability, random ecchi thoughts that automatically give her nosebleed, excessive pheromones that invite animals to “attack” her, and many more. She will also become the private property of the man who first make sex with her which makes her wants to seduce Kubo many times since she considers him as an ideal master.
Shunsuke Kubo is probably the first male cockblocker I’ve ever seen in my manga-reading career. He’s a workaholic who’s living a simple life of a college student. But he’s also a lucky man at the same time since his fiancee is a rich sexy girl who is deeply in love with him. This is also the main reason why he’s such a cockblock (besides the fact his girlfriend is a yandere and tsundere combined). Kubo is also a wrestling fan and somehow he has a problem with his reflex to the point where he often unintentionally German suplex’D Yuria (it’s a good thing she’s not a human). Overall, he’s an interesting character IMO since he breaks away from your typical ecchi manga protagonist.
Besides Yuria and Kubo, there are also other interesting characters such as Dr. Akiba Ayumu, a robot scientist who’s dreaming of having his own sex slave (which is why he created the Yuria series in the first place), Yuria Serie 105, Yuria’s sister who possesses more advanced technology and more dedicated to her task compared to Yuria, Maria, a rich girl who happens to be Kubo’s fiancee, and Yoshio, a 16-years old doll otaku who’s dying to have his first sex but rejected by Yuria due to her age restriction program. Yoshio also later becomes the illigimate owner of Yuria serie 105, although he must wait until he hits 18 before he can truly own her. There’s also lolita styled Yuria Serie 108 appeared in volume 4 but since I’ve only read up to vol. 3 I still don’t know much about her.

Yuria Type 105

Although this manga is written by the same author as My Balls (lulz), it’s drawn by different person. To be honest I prefer Yuria’s art style to My Balls since it’s much cleaner and the chara design is better IMO. Although when it comes to ‘moe’-ness, the characters of My balls are better in this part. Still, overall I think Yuria 100 Shiki has better art style.

This manga is definitely not for those under 18 due too many risky scenes which is borderline hentai. Although there’s no hentai content in this manga, let’s just say it’s not something you can just let the kids read it. It’s a nice and interesting manga with interesting characters and also a must read for comedy ecchi fans. If you only look for the comedy then I suggest you can tolerate the humongous amount of ecchiness in this manga. Also this manga is not for those who are looking for romance since such feature apparently doesn’t come in set with Yuria product lol.

Yuria 100 Shiki is scanlated by Solaris-SVU.


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