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Eternal Fantasy

Long time no update! When the time comes for me to make an update I decided to give you… a review! This time the victim review about Circus’ fantasy RPG game, Eternal Fantasy. Yes, for those D.C. fans, it’s a CIRCUS game and it’s NOT about D.C.! It’s also a combination of my two favorite genres, RPG and eroge.

The story begins 100 years ago (yes, every fantasy RPGs must have this tradition). In the land of Cornwall, a battle took place between the Demon Lord (or just Maoh since it’s way shorter) against the three legendary heroes, Leopardin the Knight, Tenereze the Wizard, and Takmud the Beastman. The three heroes and the Maoh were supposed to be friends but due to something, he betrayed the friends and seek for power and domination. Of course the three heroes finally defeated the Maoh and sealed (great! Let’s just seal him so he can resurrect 100 or 1000 years from now to wreak havoc on our grandchildren!) him to the other side of the city massive wall. The war finally ended and the wall of Cornwall (no pun intended) became the silent witness of this great war.

Let’s fast forward to 100 years later and let us enter the main plot. The story follows Caro, a junior member of city protector squad, who is getting ready to attend a festival in the city of Fidelitol. There he encounters a gullible girl named Archie who doesn’t know anything about commoner society. Yep, it’s obvious she’s a princess. When they’re enjoying the night festival, SUDDENLY MONSTERS! THOUSANDS OF THEM! They attacked the city to seek a mysterious girl named Prill. Of course every main characters must have problem facing many monsters at once at first but not until a magical plot device sword popped out from the body of our little Prill. After some asswhooping, they decided to go to Cornwall since Archie needs to go there. As you proceed to Cornwall, you will gain more allies to your party. We can also witness the beautiful world of Eternal Fantasy as we explore the three main lands, Fidelitol the land of Knights, Mag Aruru the land of magi, and Glosswald the land of furries beastmen. As we continue our journey, more mysteries began to emerge and soon we will unveil the mystery behind the fateful war that took place 100 years ago.

Clockwise from the boy with hugeass sword: Caro, Archie, Ririka, Locomoco, Prill (center), Farte, and Euretta

And of course, what is an RPG+eroge+visual novel hybrid without charming characters? They are what make this game go around. Caro is your typical good guy who was orphaned since his youth. His father was a great blacksmith which somehow becomes of the reasons why he’s so good with his swordplay. Archie is the princess of Fidelitol but she makes it a secret because every sword-using princesses love to do that. Next is Farte and she’s an elf. Elves are branded as being cowards since they didn’t participate in the war 100 years ago (yeah, elves are bunches of wimp in many RPGs!) but Farte distanced herself from fellow elves for some reason. BTW she’s way older than what she appears to be. And there’s Euretta who comes with awesome chara design. She’s a stoic girl and also a priestess from Ordiniss Religious Order. She’s so awesome she made a cameo in another Circus game. Locomoco is randomnedd reincarnated. She’s a bunny who can transform into a human. She also has a bag that contains a tea set to make a tea party during their journey. Ririka is the MILF-ish character of this game. She’s a witch and thinks it might a good idea to wear a string bikini anywhere around. Despite being short tempered, she’s also a the best magic user in the party. Prill is the walking plot device of the game. She can unleash a sword from her body to be used by Caro. Caro acts as her foster father. BTW she’s so sweet, she gives me diabeetus. And of course, this game won’t be complete without a male character’s best friend. His name is Ron and somehow he has a face I just want to punch. Oh, he’s also aspiring to become a treasure hunter. Besides the main casts, this game also features many characters and they’re full-voiced. Not to mention this game also has an awesome villain. Yeah, awesome villain is one of the factors that determine a good RPG story.

Battle scene from Eternal Fantasy: Here, Locomoco is preparing to kick some ass

And now to pass on my judgment. This game graphic is nice. I really get a soothing fantasy impression from the artwork which I admitted is quite unexpected since it comes from Circus. All the characters also look nice (with the exception Ron). But what truly surprises me is the battle graphic. At first I didn’t expect too much from it but it turns out quite great. Sadly the battle scenes are very demanding from ur hardware so it might run slow to some. The battle system looks like a nice combination between Persona 3 and Final Fantasy series. First you need to decide on the party leader and s/he will be under your control for the rest of the battle while the others will be controlled by AIs. The game uses an Active Time Battle similar to FF series where you wait for the turn gauge to be full before you execute a command. It’s very simple so you won’t need a good Japanese skill to figure out what command does what to enjoy the game. However, for those who only care for stories and/or H-scenes, there’s an option to disable all the fights. But where’s the fun in that? This game also features w orld map where you can decide your next destination.

Next is the music. To be honest, the music is nothing special to me. It can be also quite repetitive and I found myself numerous times turning the BGM off so I can listen to other OSTs (like 11eyes lol). But this game also features vocal songs for each characters and I like them a lot! Anyway the OP and ED of this game are called Eternal Fantasy and Love Poem consecutively and both are sung by Sena.

The story is also fun and engaging. Each characters have deep backstory which I really enjoy. BTW the main plot of Eternal Fantasy revolves around the reason why the Maoh turned evil. The games also have numerous characters with interesting personality even the male characters. The ending is a bit open-ended and IMO it leaves so much room for a sequel (or story expansions in another media).

Overall this game is very recommended if you either like RPG, H-games, or games with good story. The only minus side for this game for me is the music but I found the other aspects to be nice.



  1. I kid you not. I was JUST reading about this game on visual novel database right before I saw this review.

    RPG+Eroge. Seems like a combination that has almost no faults (well none that I would no of). I want to try some of Eushully’s games. Ayyo reviewed their most recent game, got my interested..

    Anyway. Good review. Very informative
    Also it was funny and thats always nice (why the hell do they seal things instead of killing them?).

  2. Interesting review. Regarding the gameplay, I believe that Aroduc of Tenka Seiha covered that one in depth in his entry here, though he based his analysis of it from the demo disk and not the actual game. Are there any actual differences in the gameplay between what Aroduc wrote and how it is in the game?

    Also, I’d like to ask, have you tried out Seinarukana yet? That game was one of the “inspirations” that Eternal Fantasy drew from. It’s also got a great RPG system that can have you playing for quite a long time.

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