Posted by: opphiucus | July 17, 2008

The New Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Will Be Manga-Based

Good news for FMA fans especially the manga version (that means me as well). According to the leaked news from BONES (the studio that handles FMA anime), a new FMA anime is in the work. But what makes this news even more special is the fact that the new anime will be based on the still-ongoing manga. Although, as exciting as this news is, we must not get our hopes too high since the information is based on a leaked information. BONES might change their decision if they want to. Also there’s still no info whether this new anime will follow the manga from the beginning or by the time they split. If they follow it from the beginning that means they will have to animate several familiar scenes with few modifications.

In case you didn’t follow the manga, I must tell you that FMA manga and anime differ so greatly that they’re considered as two separate works by Japanese fans. Same basic concept, different story. Also unlike other series with different stories in different media (like Hellsing manga and first anime or the Mai-HiME series), both FMA manga and anime have strong fanbase and both of them are very popular. That’s why when the anime split from the manga, many manga fans went BAWWW and always compare the anime to the manga. At the same time, many fans of the anime never who never seen the manga always assume that FMA is already ended.

I myself like both the anime and the manga. Although I must admit that I lean myself towards the manga more. For me the second half of the anime is a bit stupid and messy although I prefer the first half of the anime to the same part of the manga.

Source: Moonphase



  1. Old news?

  2. I’ve never been a real fan of FMA. Though I did check out the anime and manga at one point.

    But I do understand how exciting this might be.

  3. Yep, for the manga fan like me, nothing is more exciting than the fact that the scenes from the manga will be animated. Especially with the fight scenes.

  4. wow so stoked 4 this i didnt read the manga so i did think the series was over

  5. Can’t Wait for this to come out. The manga Owned the anime big time.

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