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First Impression of Various Eroges

Finally I have received my well-deserved summer vacation and of course there’s no better activity to do during summer break compared to… playing eroges! Actually I have too many eroges to play that I didn’t manage to finish any of them. But I’ll try my best to write my impression of the game I’ve played so far.

Beat Blade Haruka

This is the first eroge I tried to start my eroges playing spree. Just like many Alice Soft games, it’s VERY fun to play. BBH plays like your typical Alice Soft games where you must train your character within a certain time period and prepare yourself for the upcoming battle. This time you must train Haruka and the other two kunoichi girls. They came from the past to protect you, the descendant of Jogen clan which is a clan of good ninjas. Your enemy is the Noroi clan who possesses demon blood within them and they’re looking for you to be sacrificed for their typical evil plan.

Throughout the game, you must train you lovely kunoichis by, guess what, having sex with them. Yeah, for some reason people, especially women, are always fueled by sex. After a hard day of ‘training’, the time will come for you to go to town and kick some Noroi ass! Then you will enter a simple RPG battle system where you choose your special attack to own the enemy. But that’s not all! What would be Alice Soft game look like without EVIL sex? Yes, if you lose a battle, your beloved kunoichi will get raped hard in this game. I managed to lose once (honestly! It was unintentional!) and let’s just say rape is not my fetish so I prefer keep on winning to losing. Then again, I’m just a bastard who hates losing. After a few hours of playing, I realized that BBH is not as difficult as Alice Soft’s other games *coughmamanyonyocough* and maybe I can finish this game quicker then I thought.

Overall, I think BBH is an okay game. The rape scene is not for everyone though but thankfully they always ask your confirmation whether or not you want to see those scenes. If you’re looking for good H with fun gameplay, then like many Alice Soft games, BBH is much recommended.

Kara no Shoujo

Ugh… this game is very confusing to me. But first let me tell you about this game. Kara no Shoujo is awesome! This is definitely an addicting game if you’re mystery lover. But the game is also a BAD END galore. KnS is an ADV + detective game hybrid. You must investigate and use your brain in order to proceed forward. Sadly I’m not in the mood for much thinking. KnS takes place in 1959. A strange murder case struck Tokyo and many girls are found dead with their body part missing. You play as Reiji Tokisaka who was asked by a mysterious to find her true self. Just when you think such an odd request is not absurd enough, you were asked to investigate the gruesome murder and infiltrate Ouu All-girl Academy as a teacher since two of their students went missing. Coincidentally, it’s also the place where his little sister attends school (yeah, because every little sisters must attend all-girls school in mystery VNs). But what’s this? He once again encountered the girl who asked him to find her true self. How original! It turns out her name is Toko Kuchiki and she seems to be a little different compared to others. But Mr. Detective here didn’t become a teacher of all-girls school just to seek for his harem. He must quickly solve the mystery before another victim falls. But something is amiss…

Just like what I’ve stated, this game is divided into two parts, the novel part and the analysis part. The novel part is your typical clicky clicky VN but there comes the analysis part. It’s like many other detective games where you must investigate a case. If you picked the wrong choice during your hypothesis, it might lead to a BAD END. But what pleases me the most is the art style. The best way to describe it is… beautiful. Although I’m not a fan of H-scenes in story-driven VNs, I must admit the H-scenes in this game is pretty well done. However since this is a mystery story, there are several guro scenes waiting for you. So if you can’t stand blood and gore then you might need to avoid this one.

KnS is a beautiful game. It demands some thinking so if you’re looking for non-stop lewd H-actions then this is not for you. But if you want good story, good mystery, good art, and nice music then this is very recommendable.

Shoujo Mahogaku Little Witch Romanesque Editio Perfecta

Or let’s just call it Romanesque for the same of my fingers. It’s the only game I tried without a slightest idea of what is it about. After some research, I realized it’s a Perfect Edition of 2005 game. It’s a medieval sword & magic fantasy story so explaining the background info is a bit of pain for me. The story is about Domino (bad pizza j/k) a young archmage who decided to move from his previous academy because it’s filled with power-hungry boring mages. His new destination is the famous Black Tower, a place where many archmages gather. But the archmages are not too welcoming. In order to stay at the tower, Domino must raise full-fledged magi in just three years. Unfortunate for him, his two pupils, Aria and Kaya, are little hard-to-control brats. It’s your task as Domino to raise these two brats into full-fledged magi or got your ass kicked from the tower.

This game is surprisingly addicting. I really didn’t expect it. The art style is also nice and beautiful. You can get the fantasy feeling from the art. BTW it seems I’ve known the artist for his other works but for some reason I forgot his name. Anyway, this game is also fully voiced which adds to the gaming experience. But what hooks me the most is the gameplay. It’s pretty fun and simple. You need to train your little magi and collect various spirits. Then you use those spirits to gain new spells. Once you gain a certain spell, you can take a quest to unlock items and CGs. You can also use your spells to aid in your training. The character interaction is also cute and amusing.

This is also another nice game I recommend. It’s not as epic as Kara no Shoujo or the next game but nice and fun. BTW the H-scenes suck hard (no pun intended) IMO. It’s no wonder though considering the atmosphere of the story. Let’s just say they’re very softcore that you can barely call it hentai.


ALWAYS SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST! This game is WHOAMG FUCKIN AWESOME! Okay, I must sound like a madman back then but IT REALLY IS! When I spent my first one hour playing this game I was like ‘Cool, he can summon some demon-like creature, I don’t mind a good ripoff of Persona’. But then I go ‘Holy shit! AWESOMENESS!’ and that’s only from the first route.

Perhaps I don’t need to write its synopsis anymore since there’s already an article about my anticipation for this game. This game is nothing like Persona at all. IMO it’s even more awesome than Persona 3 (storylinewise, before somebody flamed me to hell). This game really puts much effort into the fight scenes. Never once I skipped the fight scenes since they’re all so intense and amazing. I always go ‘ooo…’ and ‘aaaa…’ during the fight scenes. This game is also awesome since the male best friend actually got himself a girl. But then I remember that I just played the first route, so there must be more awesomeness waiting for me. Oh, the H-scenes are also good. 11eyes is a pretty balanced game when it comes to H-scenes, story, and fight scenes. And don’t let me start with the music! It’s awesomeness incarnate! The OST is top-notch and beautiful.

So far I haven’t detected its flaw but that’s maybe because I’m in my ‘fanboy in the making’ mode. Maybe after I’ve finished this game and regained my sanity back, I can write a proper balanced review about this game.

Those are the fun eroges I managed to play until now. But there are more games waiting for me this summer. Guess I need to make up my mind of which games I should finish first (besides the obvious 11eyes). BTW Persona 4 just came out in Japan. I decided to wait for the English version instead since it might make a good game to play for winter holiday.



  1. I’ve been hearing good things about Beat Blades Haruka. The gameplay sounds very interesting. The whole “dice” bit sounds cool.

    Kara no Shoujo looks like the most intriguing title around now. The whole post war Japan atmosphere must be really cool. It’s dark setting also must allow it to be even more atmospheric

    11eyes is the title I know nothing about. But yourt description makes me want to know more. And finally a game that gives the male side character a girlfriend.

    Of course. Taking Japanese lessons now. It will be while until i can actually play these games. So I will just have to subsist on english patches for now (I’ll be playing Fate/stay night soon).

  2. Yeah, it takes a long Japanese lesson so I can enjoy eroges/VNs. Even now, I’m still having problems with some kanji and I ended up with some misunderstandings here and there.

  3. Chouko Sennin Haruka is pretty good, but only if you’re into both the depraved and the romantic ero scenes. The combat system is really nothing complex, and it gets annoyingly simple once you’ve figured out how it works. I like the concept of the Sennin, though, and I find myself really attracted to both Takamori Haruka and Shihoudo Narika’s characters a lot. Girls with weapons never fail to arouse my interest and keep me hanging on, innuendo not intended.

    As for 11eyes, it really only has one storyline route, and it deviates only in certain scenes depending on whose girl you chose, mainly the ero scenes. It’s pretty good, and I’ve hardly seen any complaints or backlash regarding 11eyes in Japanese sites, though it’s a different matter in English ones. I’ve seen some guys complain about the development of the plot near the end of the game, and I can see where they’re coming from.

    Also worth mentioning is that both games, Chouko Sennin Haruka and 11eyes, have great tracks in them (as you already mentioned in 11eyes’s case). Shade never fails to deliver awesome tracks in every AliceSoft game, and Chouko Sennin Haruka is no exception, while in 11eyes, the OP by Ayane and the ED by Asriel just rocked my socks off, aside from the great music tracks (sadly the composer’s name slipped my mind).

    I recommend looking up music by Asriel if you liked their ED! I guarantee you, you won’t regret doing so as the rest of their music is quite wonderful to listen to.

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