Posted by: opphiucus | June 28, 2008

ef – a tale of melodies Official Site Is Up

The official site for ef – a tale of melodies is up! A tale of melodies is the second season of ef – a tale of memories as well as an anime adaptation of Minori‘s famous Ef: the Latter Tale. Since they have animated the first and third chapter while putting tidbits of the events from the second chapter in tale of memories, we can assume that tale of melodies will focus more on the fourth chapter, which tells the story of Shuichi and Mizuki, and the background story between Yu and Yuko. tale of melodies will also be animated by Shaft who handles the animation of tale of memories.

This is good news at least for me since that means I don’t need to buy a copy of the visual novel and can just watch the anime. Although it’s a pity since I’ve bought Ef: The First Tale and only played it halfway through.



  1. I’m also excited for “tale of melodies. “tale of memories” was and probably will remain my favorite drama anime ever.

    I love it’s themes, imagery, music, and storytelling.

    And I’m very excited to see the remaining relationships unfold.

    Please write a review of the visual novel when you can!

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