Posted by: opphiucus | June 25, 2008

And Yet Another Persona 4 Scan!

Before somebody went BAWWW for the sudden increase of P4 articles, I must tell you that I’m a die hard Persona series fan and considering it’s only a few weeks until the release of P4, I just can’t hold my euphoria to tell the world how pumped up I am from anticipation.

Since all the main casts are already introduced, we finally get to see some side characters. The first one is a fox called Kitsune (duh!). We still don’t know what role it’s going to have but maybe some kind of social link or a person needed to fulfill Margaret’s request. The second one is a hot nurse called… Nurse. Her role is also still unclear but maybe she’s going to be this game’s Edogawa (the school doctor from P3 although I’m not sure if I got his name right).

But the most important thing is…


Chihiro! Fuck yeah! Chihiro is in this game! In one of the screenshot, we see the now senior Chihiro greeting our party at Gekkoukan High. It seems that they’re on field trip or something. Another screenshot shows the party hanging out at P3 ramen shop and in another screenshot, they’re visiting the night club you used to visit (it’s impossible to be the local night club since they live in a rural area). That means we’ll probably see other P3 casts cameo.

Yay! Chihiro!



  1. I’m also a fan of the persona series! Too bad for me the English release will take quite a long time…

  2. Considering how P3 can be considered as a success in the States, I think Atlus America will probably try to speed up the localization a little. Not to mention it is released for a near dead console (PS2). It’ll make sense for them to release the English version ASAP.

    BTW there will be SMT Discussion Panel at Anime Expo 2008. Possibly they will announce the US release date there.

  3. i cant wait til the english version !!! it comes out in December on the 9th riiiight??!!!! i hope sooo cause i’ve been driven myself crazy! trying tofigure out if thier’s an english version of the game. the fes edition is already in stores soo go out and get it!!! (if u can understand it) lORD NOWS iI CANT!!!! ^^

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