Posted by: opphiucus | June 8, 2008

Tragedy Struck Akihabara

A gruesome incident struck our beloved Akihabara today. A madman went on rampage with a truck and ran over 5 people. But that’s not all. The man then get down from his truck and stabbed everybody he set his eyes on. 10 people are reported to be injured injured by the madman and 7 died. The murderer is some guy from Shizuoka who is apparently suffering from heavy distress and needs to unleash his problem to someone else’s life. It’s a shocking news for many otakus all over Japan (and maybe the world) since despite the fact that the man has nothing to do with otakuness at all, the incident will stain the name of Akihabara.

Source: Yahoo

Photos of the incident from AkibaBlog


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