Posted by: opphiucus | June 7, 2008

Makoto Raiku Is Through with Shogakukan

The mangaka of the famous Konjiki no Gash!!!, Makoto Raiku, has decided to quit from Shogakukan who has been releasing his manga on their Shonen Sunday. After Konjiki no Gash!!! ended last December, some kind of tension between Raiku and Shogakukan began to spark due to artwork problem. On May 21, Raiku stated on his blog that will no longer make any work for Shogakukan which resulted many publishers offering him new work opportunities. And recently, Raiku sued Shogakukan for 3,3 million yen due to the previously stated artwork problem. Raiku claimed that Shogakukan lost the artworks he made during the serialization of Konjiki no Gash!!!. He also stated on his official blog, the reason behind his action is that he doesn’t want the publishers to look down on mangaka (which is quite true since most publishers treat mangakas like some kind of slaves. Especially on weekly magazines). Let’s just hope Raiku-sensei quickly gets over with his problem so he can start a new awesome work.

From: TBS

Anyway the publisher and mangaka thing remind me of my favorite mangaka, Kohji Kumeta (the guy behind Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei). His manga (Katte ni Kaizo) was forcefully stopped by Shogakukan and he was forced to move to Kodansha (Shonen Magazine). It amuses me how Shogakukan must be feeling uneasy knowing how popular SZS ended up like. What does this have anything to do with Makoto Raiku? Well, none. Just some random thought that popped up in my head.


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