Posted by: opphiucus | June 4, 2008

New Persona 4 Scan

The new scan by Famitsu is up and lots of new tidbits are revealed!

Here’s some details from the new scan:

  • The pop idol’s name is revealed. Her name is Kujikawa Rise and she’s the navigator of the group this time. Her persona is Himiko and she’s voiced by… DUN DUN DUNN Kugimiya Rie!
  • Rise is a pop-idol on her way to success. But in the middle of shining career, she suddenly stopped and changed school. Now she’s attending the same high school as the MC. She is sophomore.
  • Two new female social links are revealed. Yumi Ozawa (the taller one) from theater club and Ayane Matsunaga (the pseudo loli one) from orchestra band club.
  • New shadows design. The king shadow is probably another rare shadow.
  • Tomoe (Chie’s persona) might know elemental-based spells rather than just physical strikes. The scan shows how her Persona attacked the enemies with ice-based spell.
  • One more thing that bugs me. Why is Rise, who’s a pop idol, working as a waitress in a rural area?

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