Posted by: opphiucus | May 28, 2008

Speculations Regarding Persona 4

As a big fan of Persona 4, I will list all the available speculations regarding the latest installment in the Persona series. Most of these speculations are gathered from various Japanese message boards. I’m not going to list stupid and baseless speculation (e.g: lululz one of the character is P3 MC becuz they lookalike!).

1. The dungeons take place in TV channels. The channels represent the inner desire of each characters (what you want to be). Deep inside of each channels, the players will face the shadow version of the character as a boss.

2. Now you can only choose one girl as your girlfriend. Remember how in P3 Mr. Charismatic-Badass-Genius can have five girlfriends? This time you can only choose one (CONFIRMED)

3. Party members can be set to be manually controlled.

4. Pop star girl is the navigator of the party (CONFIRMED)

5. The handgun kid is speculated as someone special since his Persona allows him to use Megidola (something so powerful for a side character).

6. This is the hottest rumor in Japanese community: It is speculated that the handgun kid is a girl. His appearance is completely androgynous and his seiyuu is a woman who’s used to voice numerous male charas.

7. This one is the hottest rumor in US community: Kanji (the biker dude is speculated to be gay since his shadow self represented him half-naked, surrounded by flowers, and holding two Mars symbols in each of his hands.

Those are the rumors I consider as worthy to be noted. As a die hard fan, I can only wait for the game’s release to see whether some of them is true or just mere fans’ overthought. I just can’t wait for this game since my own speculation tells me this game will be as awesome as (if not MORE awesome) than P2.

BTW it’s fun to notice how the problem of homosexuality is a big problem among western fans while the hat kid’s identity is much hotter in the Japanese side. Perhaps homosexuality is still a sensitive case there while Japanese fans can’t wait if they’re going to have a tsundere reverse trap or not :p

Rush trailer of P4’s gameplay


Special thanks to smellycat67 from Gamefaqs for infos regarding the rumors.


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