Posted by: opphiucus | May 15, 2008

Create Your Own Visual Novel

Have you ever had a dream of creating your visual novel? Have you ever thought of having your visual novel got praised and flamed in certain English imageboard? Well, imagine no more! You can try to make your own VN with Blade Engine. It’s a simple, fully localized into English, program that can be used to make your own VN, turn your manga or webcomic into a VN, or just create pretty images with music like a music video. It has everything you need to make a VN. You can try using the images provided in the official site or just import your own drawings. You can use your own favorite music as BGM. Moreover, you can also put voice acting into your VN! The official site also provides several simple voice tracks you can use. On the down side, the program is designed to those who want to focus more on story rather than gameplay. It has everything that simple visual novels need but that’s all. So, if you want to create a visual novel with Utaware gameplay, you probably need another more advanced program like RPG Maker XP. But if you’re not a genius in programming and only want to see your visual novel done, then this might interest you.

I actually can’t wait to make my own visual novel, sadly my schedule is very unforgiving this semester ;_;



  1. Don’t forget about novelty!

    • I haven’t tried novelty myself but lately I’m more inclined towards Ren’py. No it’s not because of the recent release of Katawa Shoujo but somehow I feel that Ren’py is easier to modify. Then again I don’t have time to try creating even a short VN so I have never experienced the full capabilities of the three engines.

  2. I’m interested in using VN techniques for presenting creative works such as enhanced poetry and for developing educational content. Any leads to others with similar objective will be greatly appreciated.

  3. I’ve “ren’py”, “novelty” and “blade engine” here..
    I shall try all three and give u guys a review 😀

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