Posted by: opphiucus | May 2, 2008

Umineko Anime is Confirmed

The anime adaptation of 07th Expansion’s latest sound novel, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, finally received its green light. As stated on its official site, more informations regarding this anime will be revealed this summer (perhaps at Summer Comiket). It seems that Umineko will also be animated by Studio Deen like Higurashi. Considering how there are only two games released so far, the anime should have good pacing if it’s going to be only 13 episodes. The first season of Higurashi skipped lots of the TIPS because they’re trying to fits the five arcs into 26 eps while the second season feels too much dragged because they only have to animate 2 arcs and trying to animate all the TIPS left behind from season 1. Let’s just cross our fingers hoping this will turn out to be a good adaptation.

Here’s my previous article regarding the sound novel itself.



  1. Well, Umineko is slated to have 7-8 games (arcs) in total with the first four being question arcs. Maybe the fourth arc will be released before the anime is out and they’ll do two seasons like that? That’s how Higurashi should have been instead of jumbling up the question and answer arcs. Pssh, I don’t even care right now. WAY too excited. There was also a preview of some of the character as they would be if animated by Studio Deen and it looked great.

  2. How the hell did I miss this great news?

    Umineko’s story is such a cool setting. I haven’t gotten achance to play the games. But I love everything about it.

    Looks like Studio DEEN will animate all of 07th expansion.

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