Posted by: opphiucus | May 1, 2008

My Anticipated Visual Novels

Long time no update! If I can blame someone for my tardiness then I have to blame both college and Mana Khemia. In fact, I have to blame Mana Khemia for my falling grades -_-;;

Well, I’m afraid I won’t be able to update this blog again for a few weeks to come since I just ordered two quality visual novels that are just released some time ago. They are 11eyes~ Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo (from Lass) and Chaos; Head (from Nitro+).

11eyes promotional poster

11eyes is magic themed visual novel with Type-Moon-ish feeling to it. That means lots of uber powerful girls accompanied with even more uber powerful protagonist. The story revolves around Satsuki Kakeru, a silent and unsociable boy who has to wear eyepatch due to heterochromia. Satsuki and his buddies are involved in strange problem with bizarre red sky that can make people disappear every time it appears. The other characters are Minase Yuka who is Satsuki’s childhood friend (as if you can’t have enough childhood friends these days), Kasukabe Misuzu a ruthless sword fighter and talented onmyouji, Tachibana Kukuru a cute senpai who can summon her Persona guardian angel named Abraxas, a meganekko named Hirohara Yukiko who is actually merciless, Tajimata Kasiha the delinquent, and the mysterious Momono Shiori. From the review I’ve read, 11eyes seems to be a promising game. I’ll make sure write my opinion once I get it.

Chaos;Head promotional poster

Chaos;Head is another title from Nito+. Surprisingly it’s not an erogame. Chaos;Head is also a collaboration project with 5pb. which is also the branch of KID (the equally cool dudes who brought us Ever17 and Memories Off). The main character is Nishijou Takumi, a hikkikomori, otaku, friendless, zero communication skill, and spending his days playing MMORPG (gee… it sure is STEREOTYPE around here). Just like other Nitro+ games, you can expect blood, gore, and disturbed girls here. I just can’t wait until I got my hand on this game!

The only thing that’s missing right now is Chaos Region. But it would be an overkill for me to finish three awesome games when college schedule is very tight. I guess two would be more than enough now. I will be keeping rest of this month’s releases until summer. With the upcoming Comiket, this summer is going to be great!



  1. Artwork for 11eyes looks appealing. I hadn’t heard of it though.

    Chaos;Head didn’t interest me too much at first (too simple for a Nitro+ game LOL). But now it looks like it will be very serious and thus it looks interesting and I will definitely check up on it when it’s released.

    “it sure is STEREOTYPE around here”
    Yeah. Used in Rozen Maiden and grew from there I guess.

    “as if you can’t have enough childhood friends these days”

    Apparently not….

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