Posted by: opphiucus | April 12, 2008

ai sp@ce for summer 2008!

Every (pathetic) otaku’s dream comes true! ai sp@ce is slated to operate in summer this year.

ai sp@ce is a secret project that was first announced in the last Winter Comiket. Back then there’s only a booth that makes many Comiket attendants curious of what is it about. But it finally revealed itself to be a 3D online interactive community where you can befriend your favorite bishoujo game heroine! As for now, only three game are present, Clannad, Da Capo II, and Shuffle but it won’t be long until more companies joined. In ai sp@ce you can talk with your girls who can respond to lots of your words and action making her seemingly ‘alive’. You can also dress her up and decorate her house, although nothing ecchi is available for you in this game ;_;. You can also go to the city and interact with the other players. The city is also modelled after the city of where your girl came from. So far those are the available features announced but it won’t be long until additional features appear or I hope so since playing dress up can get boring too fast.

Here’s hoping the system won’t block non-Japanese IPs so we can also participate in this wonderful community! I myself hoping Nitro+, Type-Moon, AliceSoft, and Leaf to join the project. Especially Nitro+ since it would be possible to go on a massacre in the city with a cute girl accompanying me 😛



  1. I’d like to see Black Cyc/White Cyc get in on this but they’re a little less mainstream than Key or Navel, etc. I think if Ryukishi07’s girls got in on this it would be overkill but they arne’t from erogames so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. I’d like to see Pajamas Soft, Root, Leaf or 0verflow in the game but I’d settle for anything. I’ll doubt I’ll get to ever play.

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