Posted by: opphiucus | April 5, 2008

Type-Moon announces their new project

Type-Moon has announced a great news on their official site! Actually it’s not completely new project since it’s the commercial release of Nasu’s classic and niche novel Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (A Mage’s Night). It’s still unclear what format this will be released in. The details regarding this project will be revealed in the next issue of Type-Moon Ace and TECHGIAN. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru is a very old novel by Kinoko Nasu even before Type-Moon was formed. Rumor heard that his friends told him that it’s the best novel he has ever written. But there are only like around 12 copies of it since he’s not confident with his writing skills back then.

It tells the story of young Aoko Aozaki (from Tsukihime) who got found out by a man when she was using magic. She was then persuaded by her friend, Alice, to kill the person, Soujuro Shizuki. The problem is Shizuki is a country bum who never had any idea of what would an urban city lifestyle looked like so he thought that Aoko’s magic is a common trend.
That was the basic outline of the story and it’s possible that changes will be made for the new format. I myself haven’t read it or seen it with my own eyes and all the infos available are stitched together from various stories scattered around Type-Moon’s message boards. There are only 12 copies for god’s sake and according to rumor one copy can worth up to thousands of yens in internet auction.


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