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I think that Godhand comic from 4chan is the best way to describe my feeling to this manga. Too bad that I don’t have 9000 hours on MS Paint but I’ll try my best to describe what I feel about this manga. First someone on Gfaqs recommended this manga and I was like ‘Okay, what the fuss. This seems like your typical high school life drama…” then I was like “Holy shit! This is awesome!”. Suddenly this manga turned into some kind of Saw in manga form (only less gory and more bearable).

Vol 1 cover

Doubt (by Tonogai Yoshiki, the same guy who drew Higurashi Himatsubushi-hen manga) tells the story of a popular cell phone game called ‘Rabbit Doubt’. It’s a multiplayer game that tells the story of a rabbit group that must guess who’s the wolf among them before the wolf kill them one by one. If the rabbit guesses right, they will be victorious. But if they’re wrong, they will be massacred by the wolf. Six players from the game decided to have a real life meeting to have fun and getting to know each other. But one by one they were transported into a mysterious warehouse where they must play the real life version of Rabbit Doubt. Can they survive this game? Or will they end up as the wolf’s prey?

Back row (left to right): Hajime, Yuu, Haruka
Front row (left to right): Mitsuki, Rei, Eiji

There are 6 main characters in this manga (if you assume that the culprit is one of them). Yuu is a boy who seems to be the main character. He’s your stereotypical shonen main character. Always thinks about his friends and an easy-going guy. Mitsuki is Yuu’s close friend but she’s not a common Rabbit Doubt player. She just tagged along with Yuu to his meeting and ended up in the same warehouse as him. Eiji is your typical hot-blooded bastard delinquent. He’s the kind of guy who lets his fists act first than his brain. Haruka is a sexy school girl who loves to tease Yuu. Hajime is a med school student with calm attitude. And Rei is a petite disabled girl who had her own magical (hypnotism) show when she was young. From what I’ve read, this manga will probably revolve around these 6 characters as they story progresses.

People die if they are killed in this manga… or do they?

Doubt has a good premise if you like thriller story. Just like what I stated before, this manga will remind you of Saw. The characters seem to be walking cliche to some people but I think it’s best to keep the characters simple in the beginning of the story. What I find quite irky is the artwork. It’s nice and beautiful but in some panel, the characters somehow look different. This is quite noticeable if the character is facing sideway and somehow their nose size would increase. I’m hoping the artwork will stabilize as the story goes by.

So far only 2 chapters are released by Snoopycool so I can’t say much about this manga yet. If you like thriller story then this manga might be a good read. Let’s just hope the mangaka knows how to create mindfucking plot twist since this kind of story demands good story progression or this will ended up as a mediocre boring manga.



  1. Hai. This manga is AMAZING. ^^
    If you like it, I suggest you watch ‘Higurashi No Naku Koro ni’. It’s an amazing anime that’s just as psychologically thrilling.

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